Mall in China has McDnoald's and Bucksstar Coffee

Mcdnoalds Bucksstar

If you aren't in the mood for McDnoald's, how about Pizza Huh?

Fake brands shopping center set to open in China (Via Michael Dolan)


  1. This is in China? I believe that Chinese read from right to left (like Japanese). So, the Chinese mind probably reacts “favorably” to reversing letters but still having them read as the original.

  2. considering what McDonalds “food” does to one, can you imagine what these people will be serving?

  3. I love some of the other examples in the linked article. Anyone want a Polystation 2? How bout some Adidos runners, or maybe a Panaosoanic stereo?

  4. @#9 Actually, if the text is vertical Japanese read down the page in columns from right to left, but if the text is horizontal they read from left to right just like English.

  5. The classic wall poster in China is of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. A western reporter realized the Chinese were no better at picking out individual western faces than westerners were at sorting out Asian faces. Through an interpreter he pointed at the poster and asked, “Who are those guys?” The reply was, “We call it the history of shaving”.

  6. how bout a dounutry named Mcdoughnuts? my Mexican side of the family always referes to it as Mcdonus no matter how many times i try to correct them on it oh well, i lub the name :D

  7. @#9: Chinese isn’t usually read right-to-left in the way Arabic or Hebrew are. Classical Chinese is read in columns top-to-bottom and then right-to-left, and some classical Chinese inscriptions (on gates and doorways, for example) are therefore right-to-left, but modern Chinese is usually read in left-to-right rows the same way English is.

  8. Korea has Buckstar (one ‘s’) and Prowstar. The latter is actually a fairly common chain, and they’ve both got the same circular logo design.

    Taiwan has a fried chicken chain called KLC. The logo is a cartoon chicken who bears a definite resemblance to Colonel Sanders.

  9. @21 Buddy66

    What? Did you read any of this?

    Now where’s my helmet? I’ve gotta take a ride on my Lexus.

  10. I believe these probably exist, but do we really believe that the photos were “leaked to a furious public” or that they all really are opening in an “all-bootleg mall”? The Mirror is a tabloid after all…

    /not to be a party pooper :/

  11. In Korea you can also buy boxes of donuts labeled DONUTS DONUTS. The lettering looks exactly like the Dunkin Donuts logo.

  12. Well what did you expect Long March Hamburgers and People’s Coffee Shop? BTW, does anyone know how to say “Super size it!” in Mandarin.

  13. I think these names are only placeholders waiting for real shops. It looks like the company constructing the mall put in false signs while waiting for real shops to open up. This is what happens in Shanghai.

    Anyone in Nanjing can confirm?

  14. I went to a “Pizza Hut” in Kathmandu about 10 yrs. ago. It was not the real thing. The “pepperoni” pizza was topped with yak cheese and some sort of yak meat sausage. The oddly spiced red sauce tasted vaguely like Indian curry.

    I also went to a “Mexican” restaurant there; it was basically the same stuff in a different shaped.

    1. I went to a “Pizza Hut” in Kathmandu about 10 yrs. ago.

      I had a ‘chicken taco’ in Kathmandu. It was chicken curry on a chapati. I was, to put it mildly, bitterly disappointed.

  15. I can verify that ‘Pizza Huh’ exists in several Asian countries in abundance.

  16. some suggested filler “English” prose for their menus:

    “We paid handsomely to hire Manager KK and Camay full time;
    They personally present young and beautiful girls;
    Northern beauties in million swaying poses;
    Young housewives of fiery figures;
    All bewitching, seductive and are here on board today.”

    1. some suggested filler “English” prose for their menus


      A rare beauty in the North…
      She’s the finest lady on earth
      One glance from her, the city falls
      A second glance leaves the whole nation in ruins
      There is no city or nation that has been
      More cherished than a beauty like this

  17. Yeah I can confirm this in Nanjing as well. Property developers put up fake signs to show how the malls or shopping area would feel like.

  18. can’t you guys see what this is about??

    the walls of the multiverse are melting and alternate realities are bleeding into our own.

    oMcDnoald’s and Bucksstar Coffee are MAJOR CHAINS in a PARALLEL DIMENSION!

  19. @#34 I remember the funny thing about chicken in Nepal is that, because they feed them fish meal, the chicken tastes like fish.

  20. @#16 Bender:

    I’m left wondering how I defied physics via your comment: As I was laid back in my desk chair, your comment gave me a good laugh that propelled me towards the computer screen.

  21. >> oMcDnoald’s and Bucksstar Coffee are MAJOR CHAINS in a PARALLEL DIMENSION!

    In the parallel dimension, Ronald McDonald is NOT A CLOWN!

    He’s a bike messenger.

  22. Whether those are “placeholders” or not, you really do see this kind of thing in China. For example, where I work in Shanghai, the computer displays have the brand name “SONK”, the logo uses the same font as SONY.

    @#28 Ned613 who asked “BTW, does anyone know how to say ‘Super size it!’ in Mandarin.”

    At McDonalds in China it’s “加大” (“jia da”), it translates something like “add big”.

  23. In the UK there used to be Kent Fried Chicken restaurants – before KFC/Pepsico’s lawyers stopped them.

  24. That must be MacDonalds in the original Scots-Gaelic (joke).

    Too much fun–looks like some of the fake brands they dream up on

    In Moscow, Russia you can have a nice pizza at Pizza Khat (literal transcription of what the Cyrillic says).

    I like Pizza Huh though…should be prounced “Pizza? Huh? Dude, you’re in CHINA.”

    “No, the printers keep screwing these up, it should read ‘Contingency basis? NO, Money down!!’ ” — Lionel Hutz, of Simpson’s fame.

  25. @12 Takuan
    “considering what McDonalds “food” does to one, can you imagine what these people will be serving?”

    Low-grade meat and fried potatoes? What does McDonalds “food” “do to one” that is so unusual?

  26. @RedShirt77
    It isn’t very fun at all, if you pop open the cd cover, it has a little LCD screen in it (and no CD drive actually to speak of) that plays your standard fare mid 90s LCD games.

    Here’s a review for the latest and greatest PolyStation 3, they’re pretty much the same thing.

  27. Anyone else glance at the picture and read ” OMG MCDONALDS” instead of what it actaully spelled?


  28. Colbert just did a “Wag of the Finger” segment on this. I wonder which writer reads BB? He also managed to drop a 419 scam reference in there – bravo!

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