The Importance of Battle Scars


I really enjoyed today’s offering over on the Average Jane Crafter blog, where she discusses the loss of an important scar that made her feel like the hard core crafter that she is:

"The needle finally gave and came through the fabric, but not before I'd chipped a chunk out of my front tooth. It looked wonky, but it became my greatest battle scar of all, and every time I'd run my tongue over the jagged spot, I was reminded of my undying dedication to craft."

Our injuries, I think, really do help define us, as trite as that may sound. Most importantly, they give us cool stories to tell, allowing us to present ourselves to the rest of the world in just about any badass way we choose. But what happens to our psyches when our scars are removed? Does it make us any less resilient, less tough? Or does it just give us fewer opportunities to tell cool stories?


But what about my street cred?

(Shawn Connally and Bruce Stewart are guest bloggers)