Henchman's Helper -- page filled with webcams


Today's Very Short List reviews Henchman's Helper: a webpage filled with live video cams and weather information from around the world.

The site’s attractions include 42 live webcams from around the world, 9 constantly updated weather graphics, and a large, ominous-looking infrared satellite image of North America.
VSL reviews Henchman's Helper


  1. First off, let me say that the graphically, this is pretty awesome. It’s got a great aesthetic- love the idea.

    I gotta go w/ Mojave here though- these imagines clearly aren’t live. Most of them are only 3-4 frames that on a cycle. This might not be true with all of them, but it’s certainly true with most of the surveillance videos- besides, night and day transition way to quick.

    I think it’s kinda misleading when you call these “live webcams.” I’d be inclined to simply call it as it is- a really awesome concept art design.

  2. Awesome. Definitely something to run on an auxiliary monitor.

    I can’t help noticing that the “Ross Hall Pendulum Cam” thinks it’s October 3, 1970. Talk about not live–I didn’t know webcams even existed in the 70’s! Hehe.

  3. Definitely not live – the fact that some of the cams flicker between daytime and night-time shots is a clue!
    And of the cams which are constantly either day or night, some are wrong – it’s definitely not dark in Poland right now!

  4. “… [I]nfrared satellite image of North America” where North America equals mostly just America.

  5. It’s not live, but the concept is grand.
    What would it take to get it really live? What’s the problem? What’s the bottleneck/hindrance in tech terms?

  6. Here is the bottleneck:

    This site uses PNG’s, CSS and hotlinked images to do what it does.

    For this to have live images, I need to find images that are a single updated image. this single image needs to be able to be hotlinked directly. I used to have a pile of live images, but I kept getting the “Please don’t steal this image” message, because i’m displaying a linked image on another webpage.

    The site is Creative Commons, if you want to improve upon it, please do! Have fun, and use it only for the powers of good.

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