New Chronulator clock kit spawns cigar-box clock

ShareBrained Technology, makers of the wild and wooly Chronulator clock kit, have released a new version of their product. Chronulator is an electronics kit that lets you build arbitrarily weird electronic clocks, from TokyoFlash-style digital numbers to whacky analogue ones that use dials, wheels or other readouts to display the time. John Park from Make tested the kit by building this handsom little fella inside a Romeo and Julieta cigar box.

Chronulieta cigar box clock


  1. Ahhhh – Romeo y Julieta.

    I’m more of a Monte Christo man, myself – but – mmmmmm.

    And ctaching a tune at the same time – yeah baby!


  2. ^^^

    You know, joking about repressed rights and government surveilance was little more common in the Soviet Union than it is today in the US and the UK.


    Back on subject: I think it probably would have been more handsome with the circuitry concealed within, and just a few arches of wire poking through the case.

    A pair of toggle switches would kick this up a notch, as well, Emeril Lagasse style.

  3. Never underestimate the value of a cigar box. I used a piece of one to patch the ceiling in my bathroom.

    May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

  4. Ha! I have several of those Romeo y Julieta boxes — I put dividers in them and made them my electronics storage bins. I hadn’t though of using them as a project case yet…

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