Japanese animatronics from 1970 World Expo


8 Responses to “Japanese animatronics from 1970 World Expo”

  1. Shelby Davis says:

    Anyone else thought of Bilbo Baggins wanting the Ring back?

  2. sylkworm says:

    *sigh!* Just because there’s a female character who happens to be a demon, doesn’t imply Bunraku is sexist, nor that Japanese people think all women are demons. It’s an element of japanese puppet theater. Really, is it that hard to do a google for “Bunraku”?

  3. jahknow says:

    Help me out here, are these sexist representations of the female form? I can’t ever recall men being depicted like this — especially that scary-mouth face that happens around the 30 second mark. Yikes.

  4. sad dolls says:

    rise of the animatronic dolls!

  5. Wordguy says:

    That’s so cool! The face looks a bit like Data / Brent Spiner (at least until :30).

  6. IWood says:

    I was all set to be much more unnerved than I actually was…I think I’ve been spoiled by Ringu-style horror effects.

  7. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    I like he clicking noise it makes when the demon face appears. It makes it all the creepier!

  8. jahknow says:

    Yes, that clicking really does it for me too!

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