Your photos needed for Interfictions anthology cover

Gavin sez, "The Interstitial Arts Foundation (IAF) has put up an open call for artists to submit art possibly to be used for the cover of their second Interfictions anthology (to be published in November)–and are using a Flickr pool so that everyone can see what's been submitted. The IAF are all about any kind of art that mixes and matches across genre borders and reaching across all kinds of artistic lines, so crowd-sourcing the cover is a great way to (as they did with the first book) get beyond the usual artists and avenues for book cover art."

The Interstitial Arts Foundation (Thanks, Gavin!)

(Image: Stone formation, from Earbucket's photostream)


  1. Somehow my brain translated Interstitial as some kind of medical term, and began to wonder what that picture was…

  2. Since, for some reason, the photographer didn’t indicate it, that is a picture of a giant slab of sandstone in DC at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

    Here are pictures of it from more angles,

    It was actually a bit difficult to find these pictures.

  3. The photographer didn’t say so, but that’s a picture of a giant slab of sandstone in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in DC.

  4. Cory, thanks for posting this! We’re not just looking for photos, though, but for any kind of artwork that would make a good book cover.

    Thickdot & Skeeto: If you want us to see your art, please post it over at the IAF Flickr page.

    Everyone: Full details of what we’re looking for & how it all works posted at:

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