Your photos needed for Interfictions anthology cover


6 Responses to “Your photos needed for Interfictions anthology cover”

  1. thickdot says:

    I’m in the process of building an Art studio but here are some of my past works:

  2. thickdot says:

    Thanks Ellen, will do.

  3. holtt says:

    Somehow my brain translated Interstitial as some kind of medical term, and began to wonder what that picture was…

  4. ellen kushner says:

    Cory, thanks for posting this! We’re not just looking for photos, though, but for any kind of artwork that would make a good book cover.

    Thickdot & Skeeto: If you want us to see your art, please post it over at the IAF Flickr page.

    Everyone: Full details of what we’re looking for & how it all works posted at:

  5. skeeto says:

    The photographer didn’t say so, but that’s a picture of a giant slab of sandstone in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in DC.

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