Hand-cranked undersea automata made from twisted wire -- no welds or solder!

"Oceania" kinetic art by Casey Curran from casey curran on Vimeo.

Dug North sez, "Artist Casey Curran makes hand-cranked automata using twisted wire -- no welding or soldering involved! The resulting forms are very organic." 'Oceania' kinetic art by Casey Curran (Thanks, Dug!)


  1. That work is not only a stupendous achievement of engineering and patience, but it is also rife with imagination. I love it.

  2. Great work. Like myself, Caseys’ course has no doubt been altered by the work of the great Alexander Calder.

  3. It takes a long damn time to bend the wire like that. Looks like he’s using the major wire colors available at hardware stores (anodized steel for the darker, aluminum, brass, and copper), if anyone out there is interested in messing around with the stuff. Basically all you need is a pair of needlenose pliers, preferably with covered tips to avoid scratching, and a five-dollar roll of wire. It’s calming. I once saw a tree bent out of wire in a store, thought to myself “I can do that, too”, and have been bending things since.

  4. I got a chance to play with some of this artwork during a gallery walk a few months back up in Seattle – it’s one of those things that’s even more amusing than you would initially think. I had to be torn away from one piece after spending 10 minutes cranking away just watching the little anemones flux in and out. Rather too bad that piece had already sold (for me, the artist was probably pretty happy).

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