Mr. George the SuperMagnetMan

According to Cool Tools, the best source for Neodymium Iron Boron (NIB) super magnets is "Mr. George the SuperMagnetMan." He's a charming fellow, wont to saying things like, "These magnets have caused more blood blisters than any other magnet I have."

His prices are the best on the net. His selection is vast: no one else has the stock he has or the variations in size of commonly available shapes. This is no exaggeration or hype. He's got stuff you can't get anywhere else and is constantly adding new items, like axially- and diametrically-magnetized NIB wedding rings and radially-magnetized ring magnets. He has magnets so large they are dangerous (fortunately he has put videos on YouTube that show you how to safely handle these monsters -- with large leather welding gloves and a special wooden wedge and a 2x4!). He also sells magnetic hooks, pyramid shaped magnets, magnetic jewelry, teflon coated magnets, heart, star, and triangle magnets. You can even get powdered magnets that act like iron filings on steroids! You name it he's got it. Most magnets are N45-N50 grade, the highest strength you can buy.
Don't miss Mr. George's video of supermagnet crashes, where he smashes limes and grapes.


  1. useful techniques. Perhaps he should have mentioned how these magnets tend to explode if attempts are made to drill, cut or shatter them.

  2. I have a bunch of magnets I pulled out of old seagate fiber channel drives, probably the strongest ones I’ve seen come out of a hard drive (magnets in most modern desktop drives are extremely small by comparison).

    I don’t think I’d want to own anything stronger.. they scare me as they are. I used to leave them on my desk but people would always walk by and fidget with them, and I didn’t want to start getting blamed for blood blisters.

    Playing with eddy currents is probably my favorite, and is a great way to illustrate the relationship between electricity and magnets.

  3. 3 Tesla really, what experiment could you do with that? It’s a relatively tiny field area.

  4. I know exactly what he means by “blood blisters”
    I bought two powerful neodymium magnets back in high school for a physics project. I was going to make a trebuchet catapult using the magnets as the initial force.
    I had the magnets for a week and I had so many tiny little blisters and cuts and bruises on both my hands from trying to hold the magnets apart and having them snap back together really quickly. it cut my mom’s finger real bad

  5. @7: We are members of a shadowy group from Arcturus, intent on stealing away time from people, a few minutes a day. You’ve been warned.

  6. You’re right Tak, on both counts. 1.6 a side, and a miniature work area.

    Thing is, the standard stacked pyramids he showed only have a very limited throw from their tip, so the work area is pretty small even without the restricted space of the 3T one.

  7. I’ve got a pair of the 3/4″ spheres, and they are amazingly powerful, but the small, coated spheres (1/4″, perhaps?) are far and away the most fun to play with.

    …I just realized that I have access to an EX-F1, and I have lots of magnets somewhere. YES!

  8. The wedding rings sound like a horrible practical joke. What better way to say you love someone than to erase their credit cards and stick their hand to a railing?

    1. The wedding rings sound like a horrible practical joke.

      Better than a Prince Albert and an IUD.

  9. Mark,

    Did you send me to the wrong house again to force someone to watch a video?

  10. #5 is right. Check out United Nuclear’s warnings:

    “If carrying one into another room, carefully plan the route you will be taking. Sensitive instruments like computers & monitors will be affected in an entire room. Loose metallic objects and other magnets may become airborne and fly at great speed to attach themselves to these magnets. If you get caught in between the two, you can be severely injured. These magnets will crush bones in the blink of an eye.”


    “A small child recently lost his hand when his father left two # 31 supermagnets unattended. The child picked one up and when he approached the other magnet on a nearby table,
    it became airborne and obliterated his small hand.


  11. Ok.. assume I’m new to this planet… Why would I want to buy these things. Aside from the novelty of them. Do they have any practical use ? Pulling dents out of cars? Can I implement them in my house construction ? How about placing them near my fuel injector? Can they eliminate the spring in my garage door?

  12. This guy cracks me up, he really loves magnets!

    I’ve similarly enjoyed some of the videos here on Science Hobbyist about magnets. Somewhere recently somebody posted about a cube made of neo magnets that made a great time-killer, and I believe that’s how I ended up at that link, but I can’t remember the original source…

    @20, I just today finished this unicandicorn. Happy halloween chaser!

  13. Ha! Just came back from the job and on my way home bought several small Neodymium magnets for my board. What a coincidence.

  14. no question the BB Effect has produced more available unicorn images. Go on, google images today and cast your mind back a year or two. They are breeding.

  15. #7:
    really? that was a pretty fast 7m30s for me. i think this video might be more interesting when you have first-hand experience as to how awesomely dangerous and unbelieveably powerful Neodymium magnets are. and i love his constant admonitions regarding the gloves.

  16. I’ve gotten hopelessly hooked on NeoCube magnets thanks to a post on BB. I can’t stop making platonic solids and buckyballs. Damn addictive.

  17. @26 just searching for ‘unicorn chaser’ (and filtering out the Virgin jet) is pretty interesting in itself…

  18. Killer Intarwebbing! First off N50 is not the strongest. It’s N52. And this guy’s selection and pricing is junk compared to these guys, Some of the magnets are almost half the price. Don’t worry, there magnets are perfect for castrating Canadian Unicorns too!

  19. @20 insertfingerhere; they would be great to retrieve tools if dropped into shallow enough water, say if you dropped something over the side while working on a boat. I’m not sure how you would attach a line to them, maybe epoxy a ring to them. Takuan mentioned they explode (?) if they are cut or drilled. Powerful little bastards!

  20. @20

    I’ve used some of the small neodymium magnets as a pocket door latch. Use a mortising bit drilled into the door and frame, and glue two magnets into it. They work great for giving a little “snap” to the door.

  21. Note to anyone doubting these magnets are “all that” as the grim warnings keep on stating. I should say UNDERstating. Every time an article references things that not only can but WILL make you regret ignoring warnings think on these two sobering not funny facts.

    1:Many warnings could be written the blood of some victim who ignored the warnings. 2:Ignoring that warning increases the chance of more blood to print warnings with.

    And RE: the shatterbits of plated magnets. I have been for many years getting a “true/false question put on shop safety quiz forms. “True or False- Artificial Eyes are cheap and widely available” With a “pass the test” answer of TRUE. My explanation when asked how the TRUE answer can be so? Ah- A shooter marble can be used as a replacement eye. Which will provoke some wry comment about not being able to see with a shooter marble for an eye. That however can be kept as a thought provoking quiz tool by RESPECTING all magnets. OF course if glass eyes are your thing then disregard this post.

  22. “explode” as in what happens when you try to cut a sheet of tempered glass. You don’t get two tidy pieces. Violate the envelope integrity and bits go everywhere. The cornea of your eye has lots of sensitive nerve endings.

  23. I loved playing with magnets as a kid, and still have plenty of small neodymium magnets around the house for securing stuff to ferric plate surfaces.

    But, I also have a five-year-old stepson who doesn’t listen to anything we tell him to do / not do, and a two-month-old that will shortly be crawling.

    Time to round up alllllllllll the magnets.

  24. The video has been removed, but here’s the new link if anyone’s curious:

    When looking for it I passed through the author’s youtube profile and saw he’s a raving Republican. In response to someone having said “Gee i thought you were pretty smart until is see you drink the bush coolade” he wrote:

    “the ‘bush coolade’ is much better than being an obamamice following the pied piper. He did not fool all of the people – only 53%. But most importantly – he deceived everyone who is supposed to make sure that non us citizens can’t run for the office. THe only significant thing about his election is that he is the first one to ever be elected that did not meet the qualifications. He is your kenyan born narcissist prez. I am without a prez for the next 4 years. I think he will continue to find out that most of the things he wanted to do are not possible and the cons running congress will make it really difficult unless he throws in with a bunch of wacky stuff that they want to shove down every president’s throat.”

    I guess those who can’t think, dedicate their lives to magnets.

  25. pity, oh well, science and technic knows no politics. Maybe we should send him a Drugs Windbag portrait to keep him warm.

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