Joe Hill -- Stephen King's son -- promotes indie bookstores


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  1. TuesdayWeld says:

    He used Hill in order to not have his work judged against his father’s, I’ve heard.

  2. technogeek says:

    Song cue:

    I thought I heard Joe Hill last night
    While using my PC.
    “The Independent Bookstores live –
    They’ll _never_ die!”, said he
    (“They’ll never die,” said he.)

    (Apologies to the union movement for adapting their song… but that’s another thread.)

  3. noahpoah says:

    I need to go out and read something by Joe Hill RIGHT NOW, based on this project alone.

    This is a very silly thing to say. You could (more) reasonably suggest that people go out a BUY something by Joe Hill RIGHT NOW based on this project, but you should recommend READING something by him RIGHT NOW if, and only if, he is a good writer.

    By the way, he is a GOOD WRITER. You should go out a read his collection of short stories RIGHT NOW.

  4. Spaceco says:

    Heart-Shaped Box was definitely a good read. I highly recommend it.

  5. earbox says:

    heart-Shaped Box is a fun ride. 20th Century Ghosts, though, is a ridiculously wonderful collection of stories.

  6. kiltreiser says:

    I read Heart-Shaped Box a while back, it was diverting but not exactly earth-shattering. Still, good on the guy for what he’s doing.

  7. Jazzhigh says:

    I can strongly recommend Mr. Hill’s foray into graphic novels: “Locke and Key”. A story of children who move into a special house…with magical doors and keys that unlock great mysteries. It’s a good one.

  8. JLG says:

    Joe Hill is an absolutely amazing writer. Whether it is short stories, graphic novels or novels, Hill never seems to disappoint. I would highly recommend reading anything written by him regardless of any “contest”.

    PS. I thought Heart Shaped Box was on par, if not better than, some of Stephen King’s books.

  9. Noelegy says:

    I’m not sure why he’s Joe Hill instead of Joe King, but I can’t imagine going through life with a name like Joe King. “Oh, you must be JOKING!”

  10. Halloween Jack says:

    What happens if you cheat? Well, if you email me a fake receipt, I probably won’t find out. But your soul will shrivel a little inside you, and you will find your luck turning unexpectedly sour. You will lose your house keys and pinch something sensitive in a zipper. You will step in dog doo on your way to an important event and everyone will think you beshat yourself and try to sit far far away from you. You will have a row with someone you love, learn you owe the IRS money, and grow a third nipple. The cosmos, in other words, will roughly wipe its ass with your karma. Of course if I do find out your entry was bogus, you’re instantly disqualified, and you will still find yourself getting soft parts stuck in zippers.

    Actually, I wouldn’t mind a third nipple. I hear that they’re great conversation pieces.

  11. uknowbetter says:

    Does Amazon count?

  12. ron___b says:

    Yeah, anybody that reads his short-story collection ’20th Century Ghosts’ (which isn’t, incidentally, only ghost stories) will stop thinking of him as ‘Stephen Kings Son’ and will start thinking of him as purely a really really good writer. I hadn’t expected that when I got the book (as a gift) but I’m going to be picking up all of his stuff from now on. Seriously.

    And kudos to him for supporting the indie bookstore!

  13. earbox says:

    Hill’s full name is Joseph Hillstrom King, hence the derivation of the pseudonym.

  14. duncan says:

    Why is Stephen King’s son named Hill? If anything, it should be King or Prince :D

    Anyways, ditto on Heart-Shaped Box… a very enjoyable read…

  15. mellowknees says:

    Joe Hill is truly a fantastic author. I’m really, really glad that he followed in his dad’s footsteps. What a great idea, and what a cool guy for sponsoring such a creative contest.

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