Tilt shift video: "Bathtub IV"

I'm an unabashed sucker for tilt-shift photography and videos, and this one, Bathtub IV, by Keith Loutit really hits the spot.


  1. Wow, very cool video. When the water brushes up against the rocks it’s pretty sublime.

    Anybody know what song that is?

    It’s absolutely horrible in every way.

  2. OK I watched the rest of the video, looks like he lived, thank goodness, I hate to to think about orphaned lego children and widowed lego women.

  3. I wish there were a little more info from the film maker, however, I believe the people, vehicles, locations are all real, just recorded in a way that looks like animated miniatures.
    I think it’s cool.

  4. tilt shift seems to be everywhere these days .. i first noticed the subtle us in the UK show ‘survivors’ and recently in the opening sequence of ‘Dollhouse’ .. though it is not aimed at being miniture .. but more like surreal ..

    fun effect to use on photos .. but i want to try it on video too .. anyone has an easy solution ??

  5. Color me slightly confused- since this is video of REAL people, how the heck did he get video of a guy falling in the water and his subsequent rescue?

  6. Oops- If I’d just taken the time to go to the actual website, I would’ve seen the explanation:
    “Thanks to the entire team for their generous access during training exercises and patrols this Summer.”

  7. Color me slightly confused- since this is video of REAL people, how the heck did he get video of a guy falling in the water and his subsequent rescue?

    Actors are real people. Mostly.

  8. Bathtubs I-III pale in comparison to this masterpiece. Adding the (staged, of course) dramatic angle, on top of the more colorful subjects, was what did it for me.

  9. This should finally put the stop-motion-animation-with-miniatures cabal out of business! The time savings of using actual size stuff should be…um…enormous.

  10. I lived in this area of Sydney for a few years (I’m now a little further from the coast). This video stirs up all the best memories of wandering the coastline on a sunny day – the beautiful rocks, the mysterious blue churing sea, the ever-reliable rescue helicopter bringing you home just in time for a afternoon milkshake with the kids.

    Tilt-shift timelapse seems to turn everything into a childhood fantasy version of itself.

  11. If you click through to the video’s page on Vimeo and read the description, all these questions are explained.

    That’s a real guy. He really did fall in the water, and he really did float around and pretend to drown while the real helicopter pulled him out.

    In the Vimeo page the creator thanks the rescue services for allowing him to video tape their training exercises.

  12. Make it a tilt-shift time-lapse HDR video and you’ve got a real winner.

    [/mr. negativity]

  13. Looks like a beach in New South Wales, Australia. Was the Westpak rescue chopper! That was the best bit about it, total Thunderbirds or R/C Chopper look. The ships were pretty darned cool, too.

    Musician is Australian, too. After being bombarded with the track on local radio daily I don’t hate it, but feel I should. Too precious, indeed.

  14. Excellent video, thanks!

    Mark, I’m right there with you at being a sucker for tilt shift. I wish I had known about it in ’00 when I was taking video classes. This will be used in my future!

  15. I find it oddly comforting that everything real can be tilt-shifted. It makes me take life a little less seriously.

  16. Huge smile on my face from this. The helicopter was just awesome, especially when it was churning up the waves. The water looked disturbingly like stop-frame attempts at re-creating water from kids shows I watched when younger.

    And the container ships – having some sense of how huge those things really are, seeing them looking like bathtub toys was fantastic.

  17. i haven’t watched the video, so i can’t comment on whether it’s cool or not – but i can say i really hate tilt shift video – a cheap trick that’s already been done to death. Anyone who can bring themselves to employ this as a tactic is just a bit lazy really : (

    it could well be that the content of the video is stellar though : )

  18. I suspect he filmed a training exercise…

    Cool video though. I liked the song too. I wonder how long this tilt-shift fad will last. These things tend to come and go when they get over-used. Anyone remember when morphing was all the rage a few years ago?

  19. This video is ace. It’s not just the tilt-shifting that’s impressive, though – the bit I liked most was the skipped frames during the helicopter’s flying. Must’ve been using a really high framerate camera to get them looking so clear while they were spinning.

  20. That was really wonderful – and I enjoyed the saccharine music, too. The frame-dropping really sold the “miniatures” style. Good stuff.

  21. Music:

    “CLEMENTINE” (Megan Washington)
    Performed by Washington
    © 2008 J Albert & Son Pty Limited
    Used with permission

  22. Yes, it was clear that what made this video was not just the tilt-shift, but the weird stop-animation style caused by dropping frames (thanks Fang Xianfu and CoquiELF for pointing that out, I wouldn’t have worked it out) and the hyper-saturated colors. …or is that just what New South Wales actually looks like?

  23. To those saying “done to death” (Frank W, kiddr01), can you point out another film of similar quality? Similar fun? Similarly combining together a bunch of other neat features?

    Otherwise, it’s a little like watching a movie and saying “Pah! Color photography. Done. To. Death.”


  24. Don’t all time-lapse videos have that stop-motion effect? It’s not really dropping frames since those frames never existed. Also, saturated colors make tilt-shift images look better.

  25. General Specific: It’s not a time lapse movie. At least not all the parts with people in them. It just looks close enough to a time-lapse movie (through playing with frames) to trick people — including you, it seems. :)

  26. This video is gorgeous.
    And the song is really special.
    Great work once again, Keith.
    Does anybody know where the band is from? I’m quite blown away by this song.

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