Musicians drawn with instruments as body parts

 Img Projects Musanat Astorpollux
Former police sketch artist Shawn Feeney has a new exhibition opening in San Francisco of portraits depicting musicians with their instruments as extensions of their bodies. Seen above is "Astor & Pullux," described as "Siamese twins connected at the bandoneon (a free-reed instrument similar to the accordion and concertina). The faces are modeled after Astor Piazzolla, the Argentine tango composer and bandoneon player." The exhibit, titled Musical Anatomy, opens at CounterPULSE gallery on April 6 and will run until April 30. Also included are homages to Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Howlin' Wolf, and others. Feeney's site also features a time-lapse video of him creating the Dylan drawing. Musical Anatomy


  1. Dear artist,
    Have you ever exercised your medium in a more sexually oriented subject matter? I see a great potential for cornering an as yet “un-exploited” sector of the pornography industry. Food for thought…

    Yours Truly,
    Dedalus (smoochies)

  2. This reminds me of Paolo Bacigalupi’s super creepy but awesome short story “The Fluted Girl”

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