Snoop Dogg's Live Webshow on Ustream

I'm still digesting what this means for the future of the internet and entertainment, but something about this feels like (a) the end of all media or (b) the beginning of all media to come. Snoop Dogg has a webshow on Ustream. As I blog, it's live right now. The show consists entirely of him sitting in a chair in his house, smoking a shit-ton of weed, and playing really good old-school music. Sometimes, singing along for a bar or two, or talking back to the chat room intermittently in Snoop-isms. Then, walking away entirely, leaving the webcam fixed on a poster of Snoop on the wall for, like, a half hour at a time. Seriously, that's it. Where the evolutionary arc of reality TV finally ends. Like Father Hood, but with all the plot stripped out. Someone smarter than I will be writing a media analysis column about this soon enough. I don't have anything pithy to say yet, just -- do observe. And, Josh Harris saw it coming. Snoop Dogg Live.


  1. I thought he would’ve given up the ganja after he joined the Nation of Islam. You mean that was just a stunt?

  2. It’s umm…. pretty ummm… yeah.

    But isn’t this about 15 years past new media prime?

    Like aren’t there billions of webcams I can watch of people doing every conceivable thing (albeit only small fraction of them being Snoop Dogg related?)?

    Or perhaps Lady XJ has been indulging in the chronic.

    1. @Mindpowered, first, I don’t do drugs, period. It’s an important personal lifestyle choice for me.

      Second, you have to step back a few paces and just observe this as an interesting media moment.

      I’m not saying webcams per se are earth-shatteringly new, or that this is even “good” programming, but that’s the whole point. There is no programming! It’s celebrity observation at the most base, most minimal, most simple expression.

      It’s a convergence of a few interesting factors, involving a persona who’s already very well-exposed in every imaginable flavor of “old” media.

      This is a moment, I’m just not sure what moment yet.

  3. @ commonsense

    I think this is different. I mean, this is pretty different than Panda Cam, or some other mere mortal with a web-cam. This is someone people would pay to watch do stuff live. In fact, this could be the beginning of a new craze.

    I hope Bill O’reilly does it, then I could get in an argument with him. Probably ask him how often he actually “does it live”. He’d probably block me though.

  4. @ ratdog

    I think you’re addressing Mindpowered’s comments. I was just wondering if Louis Farrakhan would approve.

  5. “…jst — d bsrv.”

    h, n. Y bsrv. hv bttr thngs t d wth my tm thn wtch crckhd ct lk crckhd.

  6. cam izzle? it is an amazing level celebritydom.

    I remember about 5 years ago watching a cam of a sunset on the Cannes France hillside while I sat in my SF place. The cam owner was a husband of a minor radio celebrity. Celebrities have a magnetic pull on common folks. I want to be a part of that lifestyle but I will never be but I have to keep watching to find out “what happens next”.

  7. Video won’t load for me, but no matter… I see that same reflection in my monitor, only I’m white and can’t play music.

    I think if you had a feed from someone big… how about.. Bill Gates.. and he came on every few hours for random lengths of time, told some good stories about the old days, a few jokes… I bet there would be a large amount of people tuning in all day for those nuggets.

    Of course, some service will come along and just YouTube the juicy parts.. but.. you can get anyone to stare at something on a screen if they know that at any second, without warning, something is going to happen.

  8. @insertfingerhere – this is the casino effect. Just give people a result every random number of tries and they’ll play forever.

    I find this kind of surreal, like if you lived next door to snoop and had a common window, this is what would faintly trickle into your life.

  9. @ Uncommonsense

    Yeah, I just noticed. You’re right. I meant @mindpowered.
    I must be really out of it.

    1. @David Carroll,

      He may be on to something

      No, he may be ON something.

      Xeni: As to your claim of living a drug free existence: Bravo! Sadly the following clip betrays you


      I can quit chocolate ANY TIME I WANT!

  10. Perhaps,

    But in say comparison to, it’s as you say, pretty minimal, and minimal interaction. It’s a functional interface like the dell or a congressional twitter stream.

    I suppose the uniqueness is that fact that it’s free as opposed to pay per view. But I can’t see more than handful of celebs doing this off the cuff like snoop, as most of them are very strict about their brand and prefer a much more structured environment.

  11. It’s just what Warhol would have done if the internet was around back then. That’s all.

  12. Oh no…

    Xeni is a chocoholic?

    My role model is an addict…

    Well, If they find me lying in an alley covered in Hershey’s, I’ll just say I wanted to be cool like Xeni…

  13. i like the non snoop dogg people who are just hanging out in the room and the stream continues.

  14. I just watched a guy on TV talking on the phone to somebody explaining that he was on live TV and the other guy on the phone could go watch it.

    Xeni, this is freaking weird. I think you’re right.

  15. It’s midnight my time and they are still going. There is something meta meta here. Snoop is not a gay fish.

  16. If he keeps this up, he won’t be releasing any new albums in the future. Can you imagine that? Snoop goes from his current status as a world-famous rapper to just another stoner hanging out in his basement, vlogging, telling people “dude you need to hear this song… it like, speaks to me.”

    Every so often, a commenter will helpfully point out that he needs to wipe the Cheeto crumbs off the camera lens.

    Sorry. It just seems too tedious to last very long. Surely a guy like Snoop would have more pressing matters to attend to than rotting in front of a computer. I think he’s just toying with a direct marketing idea.

  17. I left my computer running with the BoingBoing main page open in the browser. Three hours later the Snoop Dogg stream spontaneously started in its embedded window. I was at the other end of the house at the time and it mildly freaked me out.

    1. Three hours later the Snoop Dogg stream spontaneously started in its embedded window.

      Me too. It took me a while to figure out that my neighbors hadn’t suddenly become fans of gangsta rap.

  18. Is this really significantly different than JenniCam from back in the day? Basically she was doing nothing in particular all day long and people paid to watch her. Many of those people paid because they might get to see boobs, but that mostly didn’t happen.

    The similarity, I think, extends to the idea that people watch these things because they want to “experience” hanging out with these people. Could there be a better person to Hang Out with than Snoop? You couldn’t actually, you know, DO STUFF with Snoop (see also: energy level on loads of weed), but you could certainly Hang Out.

    As for the format, it seems to be a re-emergence of the JenniCam.

  19. I don’t know the answer either although I fear that this IS the beginning of a new kind of media…one that is over-exposed and offers far too much intimate information about people.

  20. Pretty neat. Not just a webcam. Unless the Tonight Show is “just” a coffee klatsch.

    I worry, though, that his smokey habits might get him in trouble. It’s live, and surely the police know where he lives. Isn’t that enough evidence for them to search his house? I hope not. I’m not a fan of his, but I don’t wish him any harm.

  21. @dulberson: The intern held up two different containers of medical marijuana at one point last night in response to a “what are you smoking” question. It’s prescribed, it’s California.

    I happen to think Snoop is a shrewd man.

  22. #26 says: “Notice you’ve never seen Snoop angry. Ever.”

    Sure. A former member of the Crips, who advocates the pimp lifestyle, was charged (though acquitted) with accessory to murder in the death of Phillip Woldermarian, and arrested @ Heathrow Airport for violent disorder following a brawl that injured seven officers. Hey, come to think of it, I’ve never personally seen Charles Manson angry either. Didn’t he smoke pot too?

  23. This Boing Boing page was open on my computer for the longest time while I was doing something else. I hadn’t even read the post yet.

    Hours of silence go by and then suddenly my computer starts playing music and speaking to me. For no reason. I wasn’t even touching it!

    You cannot imagine how disconcerting this was to me while reading just peacefully reading Sandman comics. I thought I was going crazy!

  24. My wife tuned into this the second she saw the link on Xeni’s Twitter. “Come in here, you HAVE to see this!”

    The amount of viewers goes from dozens or so to hundreds, then a few thousand almost instantly –fun to see happen– and then Snoop seems totally incredulous, like “Why the snizzle are all these people hopping in here just to see me smoke blunts?”

    Well, Mr Dogg, that was pretty much precisely the reason. It was, as pointed out here, a totally Warholian moment. But my god was it hilarious to see it just after Xeni’s Twitter and then his reaction, classic. He’s just like “What?” and they all start laughing about it.

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