Anatomical drawing on a cast

Heather Tomkins drew this lovely anatomical illustration on the casted arm of her friend, the illustrator Taylor White: "I was thusly wrangled into making this old school plaster cast (they do things funky in Norway apparently) into an awesome work of art."

CAST, AWAY!!!! (via Street Anatomy)


  1. @Weatherman: one doesn’t need a broken bone in order to apply plaster of paris to one’s arm

  2. Hah! Some Illustrator Taylor White must be if the art had to be outsourced. Broken drawing hand, you say? Oh.

  3. the illustrator who drew it is an SF based friend of mine, she did the cast in stages, you may have seen it out and about before the break point was drawn on. the final version can be seen on her blog though, and the person who broke her drawing arm is an Oslo based illustrator, hence the outsourcing of artwork. They went to school together, a link to her site can also be seen on the blog.

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