Thoughtcrime Experiments: Remixable, CC-licensed science fiction anthology

Sumana sez, "Sumana Harihareswara and Leonard Richardson selected nine mind-squibbling SF and fantasy stories from the slush pile, commissioned five works of art, paid the authors and artists, and packaged the whole thing as a high-quality anthology that you're free to copy and remix. Artists include E-Sheep's Patrick Farley and fanfic darling Erin Ptah; authors include Mary Anne Mohanraj, Carole Lanham, and Ken Liu. We also wrote an essay describing the process, which you can read if you're interested in how we did it or what the SF/fantasy market looks like from the editor's perspective."

Thoughtcrime Experiments (Thanks, Sumana!)


  1. I’m just wondering: have there been any interesting examples of “remixable” CC-licensed fiction being remixed, other than being translated into other languages or converted into different data formats? Do CC-licensed stories get routinely “remixed” from, say, a space opera into a Regency satire or an existentialist play, or have their characters gender-flipped or background-swapped or what have you?

  2. @1 I’d love to know if things are getting re-mixed too. Could anyone follow up on that if they know?


  3. So I see mentioned on their site it’s available as print-on-demand, but I can’t find a link to it anywhere. If anyone would post it, I would love to buy it. Assuming the authors get some money from it.

  4. #1

    Sounds like what you’re talking about is fanfiction and that works just as well (better, actually) on CC content as it does on traditional publication.

  5. I’m doing a sound design subject at uni and i have to make a 2 minute soundscape with dialogue and effects. im thinking about doing to do a remix of one of the stories, or at least taking inspiration from them.

    I’ll post a link when it’s complete.


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