Aurora Monster Model kits reborn


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  1. hooseyfloot says:

    love this part of the sentence: “the adults upstairs had after-dinner coffee, completely lost in their awesome monsterness.” cool.

  2. wolfiesma says:

    Spectacular box-art to be sure.

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    Is there a link to this Billy Bob Thorton interview which I overlooked?

  4. DaveX66 says:

    So, yesterday I was at Dreamhaven for the first time since they moved. I spent some time wandering around remembering why it is I don’t go in there much (WAY too tempting and overwhelming) and these kits really popped out at me. Then, this morning I fire up BB and see the box art for one of the kits and think ‘Wow, that’s funny’. THEN, I see that Cory saw them at Dreamhaven. The big question here is what was Cory doing there and why didn’t I hear about it?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Polar Lights started this a couple of years ago. The really amazing thing about Moebius is that they have created brand new models (Nosferatu and Invisible Man) using the familiar Aurora form factor.

    The best part about the Billy Bob Thorton radio interview is when he starts going off about Famous Monsters of Filmland and the Aurora Monster Model contest. I realize that he was being an ass and trying to give the dj a hard time, but I was thinking, “I loved those models. Please, talk some more about this!”

  6. Chris Tucker says:

    Oh, Sweet Jeebus! Can the classic Universal Monster models be next?

    Oh, and the Monster Scenes set is NOT complete.

    It’s missing the Vampirella figure.

  7. Ed Bear says:

    I haven’t thought about these for probably 35 years! Serious blast from the past – I’m glad to see someone is preserving them in some way.

  8. KidDork says:

    I was never allowed the Monster Scenes models, but I did get the Wolfman–with glow in the dark head. Pure Seventies joy.

  9. Chrs says:

    In other news, I really like scorpion flies. Yeah, that monster? Surprisingly close to an actual creature.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Um. Why is that giant insect chasing Harvey Pekar?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I live over in Europe, (Sweden). Here, the models from Revel (I’m pretty sure it was) were huge, they had The Monster of the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster and more. I remember a friend of mine had The Guillotine, where the head of a guy got chopped off, and ended up in a little basket. How’s that for a politically correct toy?
    /Bjorn Gevert

  12. Stefan Jones says:

    ” . . . completely lost in their awesome monsterness.”

    And the intoxicating vapors of plastic cement.

    I vaguely recall having a model featuring a stone wall with a skeleton shackled to it. The skeleton was Glow In The Dark. Woot!

    What daunts me about kits like this is the painting required to Do It Right. You have to do skin (and fur) tones, stone, clothing, etc.

    Interesting. A glowing “Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde” model costs 71 cents less than an ordinary, non-glowing “Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde.”

    Hey, look at this! Monsters on hot rods! With add-on rats, vultures, and mad dogs!

  13. davidjoho says:

    And a scale model of a giant insect would be different from a scale model of a normal-sized insect in exactly what sense?

  14. gpeare says:

    I completely forgot about about Dr. Deadly’s Sabertooth Rabbit! Wonder if that in any way inspired the Vorpal Bunny in Holy Grail?

  15. Anonymous says:

    …So, has Greg moved Dreamhaven off Lake Street, or what? Where are they now? Because I live in St. Paul, I just don’t get over there very often. Likely not since the last century, in fact.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cory, next time youre in MPLS I’d like to buy you a delicious sammich. There’s a great shop just down the street…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Billy Bob Thorton will be thrilled!

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