Kingston Trio do "Zombie Jamboree"

Here's the Kingston Trio performing "Zombie Jamboree," a favorite song around our place. I'm partial to Harry Belafonte's version, not to mention Noel Anthony's wicked calypso version.

File under "Music to play Left 4 Dead to."

The Kingston Trio: Zombie Jamboree (Thanks, Rebecca!)


  1. I second the Rockapella version. It’s great! The version of their album “Primer” is the best!

  2. The Kingston Trio were about as hip as my parents were willing to venture in the early sixties. Still this song remains as a childhood favorite.

  3. Sad the younger set did not get a chance to see the original Kingston Trio.. At least somebody heard the originals (Dave Guard, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane) on vinyl, and on the vinyl the voices are great…but this video is of the umpteenth genesis of the group using the same name (sorry Mack Bailey).. Nice that they are singing the old songs, but the voices and the life in the originals is just not there..

  4. I totally read that as “Kingston trio perform at a Zombie Jamboree”, rather than “Kingston Trio sing Zombie Jamboree”

  5. My Left4Dead top track is Island of the Zombie Women. The version I have is the top cover by The Horatii, an (afaik) defunct goth band, but my search continues for the original (on vinyl or even just mp3) by the 3D Invisibles!

  6. GRAMMAR: The Game

    I wrote this educational karaoke/grammar game about 5 years ago (Flash). It prominently features the musical stylings of Mr. Harry Belafonte and his rendition of Zombie Jamboree.

    Note, if you actually try to play the game, use the number-pad instead of clicking on the parts of speech with the mouse. I left a lot of bugs inside :(


  7. The song is the Kingston Trios but none of the originals are left.
    I was in a joint on Lombard Street with lots of glass. I’d just MCed a concert and was having a midnight snack with two of the performers. Up pulls this sports car and out comes John Stewart, one of the early replacements in the Trio. He knew one of the singers I was with. Tales were told. Then he showed us his schedule for concerts and air travel. It was about three pages single spaced. That was about 1963. The guys I was with had that look, “Why him? Why not me?”

  8. @11 – Beat me to it. My first thought was that I’d pay actual money to hear Harry Shearer sing this.

  9. Another interesting cover version is Harry Nilsson’s, from the 1976 “That’s the Way It Is” album.

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