Ukelele with mustache diagrams


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  1. JIMWICh says:

    My list of mustache types:

    1. Wilford
    2. Mushschtache
    3. Snidely Whiplash
    4. Mustache I’d Like to Feel
    5. Philtrum T. Farnsworth
    6. Hairlip
    7. Teutul Chops
    8. Mein Furry
    9. Wal-Rus
    10. Foo Man Chew
    11. Phlegm Kadiddlehopper
    12. Booger T. Washington
    13. Meth Stash
    14. Hairy Pleasin’ ‘er
    15. Nerkin
    16. Schnozzy ‘n Hairy It
    17. The Lipyard
    18. The Nose Lock Monster
    19. Whiskerin’ Wry
    20. Swiffer (Baby Come Back)
    21. Lipitor
    22. The Purty Sanchez
    23. Fuzz Duster
    24. Whisker Du
    25. Ma’am Wow!

  2. godisafiction says:

    We saw this guy at Maker Faire. He has lots of cool laser cut wood stuff.

  3. Raines Cohen says:

    @2, I’ve been waiting for the economic/biz school study at what point in the business cycle the corrupting influence of BoingBoing on product development started to exceed the corrupting influence of V.C.

  4. theundreaming says:

    So what is John Hodgman getting for Christmas?

  5. TroofSeeker says:

    Moustache: check. Now can I get hairstyle advice from this harpsichord?
    Flat top.
    Mullet?! I give up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This product is a boingboing homing missile.

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