Half-man / half-Pooh Bear takes a break next to decapitated patriotic Mickey Mouse


Photo by Left Hand Rotation


  1. Is posting this photo going to get the guy playing Pooh fired? Disney has a habit of getting crazy about “cast members” being caught in candid, compromising positions.

  2. What can one say about this sort of thing, really?

    Except, of course “Drop another ziploc of frogs in the hail cannon.”

  3. That googlebear needed a facelift anyway. Hey, googlebear lived, right? How about a million? Just between you, me, Fred Vogelstein, fred, Emma, U2, Vogue, and God the Damned.

  4. And although there is undoubtedly a decapitated Mickey Mouse not far away, what we see here is clearly the disembodied head of Mickey Mouse.

    Either way, I say well done.

  5. Being a mascot, especially at a major theme park, is really hard work. Some scary shit there.

  6. Maybe the photographer found a window overlooking a closed area, inaccessible to the public?

    Maybe this is an amateur, out on the streets somewhere?

  7. it looks like the comments on the photostream indicate this was taken in madrid, which makes it a special situation for the costumed performer in question : if he was visible it was due to the location not being secure enough for disney’s rules. he doesn’t appear in the photo to be aware that he is being photographed. i doubt he’s going to get in trouble – but whoever was in charge of security and setting up the performer break area probably IS in trouble

  8. I hear one of the most surreal things about working at Disneyland is going backstage and seeing various princesses taking cigarette breaks.

  9. Disney doesn’t have a theme park in Madrid (the European one is outside of Paris). Must just be some guy in a Pooh costume? (With, one assumes, a guy in a Mickey Mouse costume near by).

  10. That half-man-half-Pooh is sending Mickey to the bottom of the river after trapping him in a block of concrete.

  11. That’s almost certainly not a Disney park; it’s Times Square or Sunset Boulevard where the fursuits frolic freelance.

  12. HOLY SHIT!!! The Disney characters at the parks are dudes in suits?!?!?!?!?!?! Somebody call the New York Times so we can get the word out about this totally unknown and unexpected fact!

  13. This image reminded me of a painting by a guy called Jason sho Green. I tried to link directly to the pic but if you go to his home page it’s image number 33 titled ‘pooh break at eurodisney’

    here’s the site http://www.jasonshogreen.com

    I wonder if the guy in the photo modeled for the painting? :)

  14. Mickey’s head is “off-model”. Definitely not Disney-owned. But I bet most of us fanatics already guessed that.

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