Modular Snake Robot

If you've ever thought to yourself, gosh, I wish I had a modular snake robot with which to inspect these pipe joints I've just welded, well -- you're gonna love this video. Modular Snake Robot: Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. This robot also has him a website. (Thanks, Katrina Corley)


  1. Does that look suspiciously like stop-action animation to anyone else? Maybe just trying to get funding for the real thing?

  2. solar powered, IR seeking, tiny, slow, ricin needles and thousands of them, wriggling towards you as you sleep.

  3. I took a course from Howie Choset, and know a few of the guys who did some development work for him on this project. Howie’s got loads of ideas for these snakes, from sewer repair to surgery. They’re pretty impressive little guys.

  4. I read an article that said the Israeli army have been creating snake robots that are very similar to this one that have cameras on the front for reconnaissance.

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