Comic-Con: splendid excuse for cosplay-themed pinups

Suicide Girls, who were among the first advertisers ever on Boing Boing way back in the day, have released a Comic-Con themed photoset of bangin' babes in cosplay getup. Yes, yes, it's blatant booth-bait and link-bait, but these really are fun photos (vampy but work-safe, no bewbs).


  1. Apparently, the link provided is flagged by BlueCoat as “Pornography.” So much for work-safe! I’m sure this got logged somewhere by my employer…

  2. Not to inject a bit of controversy into an otherwise uncontroversial post (who does not like Tank Girl?) but I really do wish that Suicide Girls didn’t treat so many of their models like garbage. For a time, they really were the coolest thing in softcore porn.

  3. Just clocking-in to say the Tank Girl model is, imho, the hottest one of the bunch. Which is saying something; the Tank Girl in the comix was a stinky, chain-smoking, nasty little thing AND… I don’t really like mohawks. But that model… wow.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  4. Suicide Girls has produced some wonderful images.

    They also have acquired a rather poor reputation related to their treatment of models (and at least one fairly well known hired photographer)

  5. Good one, on the Tank Girl.

    Looks nothing like her of course, but gets the spirit and feel of it right.

    The only spot on TG I ever saw was Fiona on the Renfrew Ferry Party after the Glasgow Comics Arts Convention (GLASCAC) way back in the early 90s.

  6. Xeni, you are a sexy radish, aren’t you? I’m starting to associate posts with their posters, and you do have a playful side.

  7. @frankieboy

    “Sexy radish” FTW!

    I’m going to use that phrase in conversation at the earliest opportunity.

  8. gotta agree on the “treating their models poorly” bit. i’m one of the models, from relatively early on – and not even one that they were particularly bad to. still, if i could change one thing in my life, it would be getting naked for those people.

    the images are cool, the idea behind the site is great, but the company itself stands against everything it appears to promote.

    i cringe every time i see their name associated with a place i love as much as boingboing.

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