It's Questionable Video Saturday!

Jason Torchinsky is a guest blogger on Boing Boing. Jason has a book out now, Ad Nauseam: A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture. He lives in Los Angeles, where he is a tinkerer and artist and writes for the Onion News Network. He lives with his partner Sally, five animals, too many old cars, and a shed full of crap.

Last Saturday, the day of no rules, I posted a video made by my old comedy group, the Van Gogh-Goghs that took the old Knight Rider conceit and added a colostomy bag. This week, we're taking the Spiderman story and replacing the spider with a pack of radioactive bears, who do something worse than biting.

So, people with decency, you've been warned. Of course, it's probably NSFW. To be safe, I'll include the video after the jump. If possible, enjoy.


  1. “Questionable”?

    I don’t think there’s any question at all. Like many modern wannabe comedians, it confuses discomfort with entertainment. Not even good camp.

  2. “Like many modern wannabe comedians, it confuses discomfort with entertainment. ”

    I think it’s funny that it made you uncomfortable enough to berate it.

  3. Trite,Tacky and Tedious.Apparently the group that
    produced this “masterpiece”;V.V.G.:have split up their dissolution will not,I suggest,be lamented by any significant audience.

  4. There was a very critical remark left by someone earlier, and I returned to see if it was responded to. Seems it’s been removed completely. No disemvowellment, no reprimand. Interesting.

  5. Just to contradict all the negative comments, although I found it quite gross and vulgar, I also found it quite funny. The two cops being jerks was quite enjoyable.

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