Like Knight Rider, But That's No Car

Jason Torchinsky is a guest blogger on Boing Boing. Jason has a book out now, Ad Nauseam: A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture. He lives in Los Angeles, where he is a tinkerer and artist and writes for the Onion News Network. He lives with a common-law wife, five animals, too many old cars, and a shed full of crap.

I was looking at this old video I made with my old comedy group, the Van Gogh-Goghs and thought, "you know who might get a kick out of this? The internet". So I hope you enjoy. Also, it's sorta NSFW, so I'm posting it on Saturday, the Day of No Rules. Thanks!


  1. I normally don’t go in for the ol’ scat gag (spoiler alert) but this is really well crafted, thanks!

  2. Yeah, maybe Knight Rider, but since it’s a talking colostomy bag, I think Fox News is a more apt comparison

  3. I will never cease to be amazed by comments that take more than a hundred words to tell us they decline to comment.

  4. I’m totally mystified by
    comments that are
    fifteen lines long, with a
    Shatner-esque rhythm, and
    terminate with an

    assertion that the
    author has no comment to make.

  5. Simplest and most effective way to profit from time travel — remember it should you ever find yourself in Michael’s situation:

    Make a definite plan for tomorrow, to write down the day’s winning powerball numbers on a small piece of paper, tie it inside a condom and swallow it.

  6. #8 I like the way you think. Your low keyed sarcasm and ability to see through society’s b.s. has an insight and wit reminiscent of Oscar Wilde.

  7. that was really full of shit!

    Seriously, what is fascinating is that there were a number of people involved in producing this, which means they all agreed that this would be a worthwhile endeavour. Said group of people all thought that this was funny and that other people would enjoy it. Remarkable, really.

  8. To me, this really looks more like Early Edition – except that the crap comes in a bag instead of beeing delivered in print…

    Anyway, I loled. For realz.

  9. #8

    I’m not surprised you didn’t find Friends funny. Actually I’d be surprised if you found anything funny. Your posts are generally so dour I imagine you sitting in full Victorian regalia as you type.

  10. Heh… the idea has pootential, I guess… some pretty funny moments there.

    I reckon you should pitch it to a network executive all deadpan just for laughs.

    You never know, someone might pick it up ; )

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