Paul Krassner revisits LSD trip taken with Manson Family member Squeaky Fromme


There's been much media attention this month around Manson family: August, 2009 marks 40 years since the Tate/La Bianca murders. One former Manson Family member, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, is scheduled to soon be released on parole from a federal prison in Texas. She has served 34 years for attempting to kill President Gerald Ford in 1975, and did not participate in the murders for which Manson and others were imprisoned in 1971.

Paul Krassner was investigating the story of those murders back in 1971. Over at the Huffington Post today, he retells the tale of how he came to drop acid with Ms. Fromme at a house in Los Angeles before she tried to bump off the president, and before she went to jail for that act. It's a fascinating read. Snip:

Manson had stepped on Sandy's eyeglasses, thrown away her birth control pills, and inculcated her with racist insensibility. Although she had once been a civil rights activist, she was now asking me to tell John Lennon that he should get rid of Yoko Ono and stay with "his own kind."

"But," I said, "they really love each other."

"If Yoko really loved the Japanese people," Sandy replied, "she would not want to mix their blood."

The four of us ingested those little white tablets containing 300 micrograms of LSD, then took a walk to the office of Laurence Merrick, who had been associated with schlock biker exploitation movies as the prerequisite to directing a sensationalist documentary, Manson.

Squeaky's basic vulnerability emerged as she kept pacing around and telling Merrick that she was afraid of him. He didn't know we were tripping, but he must have sensed the vibes. He may even have gotten a touch of contact high. I engaged him in conversation about movies. We discussed the fascistic implications of The French Connection.

My Acid Trip with Squeaky Fromme (HuffPo)

Image: Dick Schmidt, Sacramento Bee. "Sacramento Police and Secret Service men handcuff Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme under a Capitol Park tree after she tried to shoot President Gerald Ford Sept. 5, 1975."


  1. “If Yoko really loved the Japanese people,” Sandy replied, “she would not want to mix their blood.”

    …and pop the tab back in your wallet, back slowly out of the room and find someone else to trip with.

    “It certainly levels the high to worry about getting stabbed while fucking the Manson ladies in the bunkhouse at the Spahn Ranch — I’ve found that the only satisfactory position is sitting up, back to the wall, facing the door.”

    Fuck it, run as fast as you can…

  2. For the record, August 10, 2009 is in the future, not the past.

    Additionally, the anniversary of the Tate/LaBianca murders is today + tomorrow – August 8th and 9th.

  3. Hmmmmm. She’s an ex member of the Family and probably a murderer. Still, I wonder what she looks like naked?

    Us young people of the eighties called that letting Mr. Happy do the thinking, and I’m pretty sure we didn’t invent it…

    My gut reaction to the story was the vibe was likely to be way awry for tripping, but truth be told it has been so long since my head was in that space I really wouldn’t know, and you are most likely completely right. You’d think, “crazy racist girl who hung out with Manson. Interesting.” And off you’d go.


  4. “Hmmmmm. She’s an ex member of the Family and probably a murderer. Still, I wonder what she looks like naked?”

    Robulus, you’re a scholar. Yeah, I’ve still got some of that left over from the 60’s…good old “horney.”

  5. Hmmmmm. She’s an ex member of the Family and probably a murderer. Still, I wonder what she looks like naked?

    According to Wikipedia, that’s how Charles Manson survived in prison. He bribed the Aryan Brotherhood for protection by having his female followers (including Fromme) send them nude pictures and promising them sexual favors when the A.B. guys got out of prison. Sure enough, Fromme lived up to her end of the deal and it got her involved with an A.B. murder.

  6. I wonder what she looks like naked?

    Like a 60 year-old delusional murdering ignorant bigot. Enjoy.

  7. @Jaytkay


    Scroll up, there was a bit of a dialogue before we got to that point. I really, really, honestly was not ruminating on how hot she might be when she gets released.

    Not that more mature ladies can’t be hot, mind you.

    Murdering-ignorant-bigots can be pretty hot as well, just look at Sarah Palin! Don’t talk to them though, big mood killer.

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