Periodic Table sweater

Apinnick knitted this Periodic Table of the Elements jumper for her physicist husband. Love in craft form is the best love there is.

Periodic Table Sweater (Thanks, Marilyn)


  1. the best kind of love would have been if she hadn’t forgotten some of the smaller elements. sheesh

  2. Elements 104-118 are indeed missing because I used an old high school text book when I knitted it in 1998. I am not a chemist and did not keep up to date on the elements. BTW, this view is the back. Hydrogen and the other elements are on the front. All the photos appear in my original blog posting (link under article).

  3. That is a horrible signal you are sending to the youth of today. That sweater is an awful, unwearable color.

  4. As a person who has knitted, I stand up and applaud you. I am deeply impressed.

    Your blog entry about it was great fun to read too.

  5. A periodic table is nice, but for a physicist, I would have preferred to have seen a Feynmann diagram, or maybe a cloud chamber photo of some swirling particles.

    But yes, craft love is the best kind of love. “Always” wanted a “girl” friend to do some nice embroidery for me, but twas not to be.

  6. A dear friend of ours used to knit a lot- sweaters, quilts, throw pillows, even peter heaters. I had her make me a custom pair of slippers that look like alligators- they even had flaps on top that looked like snapping jaws!
    When I turn out the light and walk to bed in the dark, the creatures under the bed are too scared to grab at my ankles. Hah!

  7. Yaay Avital, you made the big time! We knitfiends remember you posting about this on the old KnitList back in the dawn of the ‘net era, when we linked to each other using stone knives, Mozilla and bearskins. – knitlurker

  8. (from the original sweater knitter) Yes, the colours are horrible! I knitted this in the 90s, when there was very little wool available in Israel. The yarn was a gift and was definitely NOT what I would have chosen, but beggars can’t be choosers. I was lucky to have enough yarn to knit a sweater in the first place.


  9. Small correction, Cory. My husband is a microbiologist, not a physicist. Also, this is the back of the sweater, not the front (my mistake–I accidentally reversed the photos in my blog; it’s fixed now).


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