Steampunk science museum show at Oxford UK

Art Donovan from the Oxford University Museum of the History of Science sez, "I have been given the great honor of curating the world's very first Museum Exhibition of Steampunk Art. Seventeen artists from seven countries- The Steampunk creators that you know best. Opening October 13, 2009 and running continually through February 21, 2010. The Museum Director, Dr, Jim Bennett has scheduled events, art competitions and lectures through the exhibition."

Steampunk Art @ Oxford (Thanks, Art!)


  1. Damn, I picked a great time to move away from Oxford! The History of Science Museum is worth a visit anyway — always the chance of a lecture on the workings of astrolabes (using the original equipment), or how to grind telescope mirrors, or…

  2. I think its time we started forming Neanderthal and Hunter-Gatherer mobs to protest these events!

    Victorianism wasn’t all goggles and steam.
    Disease, pollution, and one of the most authoritarian and unfair societies in history isn’t something to celebrate.

    It was the beginning of Corporatism.
    Industry over man.

  3. How on earth was I not invited to participate. I hate to have to keep sounding like a pompous blowhard, but I am the most-ripped-off person in the Steampunk art movement! Seriously! I came up with all of this stuff, and no one gives me credit, because I’m not part of the art ESTABLISHMENT.

  4. Your not funny you know? Every time there is a Steampunk article you have to comment and link to your stupid picures. You did those in paint and even a 5 year old can see that! I don’t apreciate your posts.

  5. Actually, I think Trippcook is pretty funny. His pictures are a pretty accurate satire on that propagating aspect of certain sorts of steampunk, where you just put random gears on the outside of random things and call it macarony.

  6. I really hope that is not the official poster.

    If so, you’ve squandered the chance to make a really great poster. That looks like it was made between 1:30am and 1:45am in MS Word.

  7. Speaking of steampunk in Oxford: just go to the Natural History Museum. That place is proto-steampunk dream of glass and iron and curiosities.

  8. @ #8- CPT Nemo

    This was the first poster, produced for clarity of information and editorial purposes only.

    Also here, each artist could insert their own artwork image in the photo-box area for their personal websites.

    A second poster (shall I say, “lovelier”?)will be issued as we get closer to the Exhibition date. Thanks for your thoughts,

    My Best Regards, Art

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