Tupac in Kazakhstan


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  1. NoahRodenbeek says:

    I think this formula could be applied anywhere and retain the same inherent inspiration. Not that I’m saying this video is anything short of awesome, more like, I’d like to see it done in every locale possible.

  2. HeruRaHa says:

    @6 What the hell is that, some kind of Dutch rick-rolling?

  3. NoahRodenbeek says:


  4. mikesum32 says:

    I love me some Bruce Hornsby.

  5. jaytkay says:

    That’s lovely, getting innocent locals to unknowingly laud gunplay and crack.

  6. Lilah says:

    @#10 Jaytkay:

    Before assuming the video participants are unaware, how do you know the person filming didn’t happen on several Kazakhstani individuals who love Tupac?

    (OK, I’m mainly just playing devil’s advocate here, but it’s not impossible. I saw a vendor hawking a large collection of Tupac merchandise in Austria.)

  7. macguffin says:

    @18 (GTRON):

    I’m not sure what you find offensive about “real Kazakhs”, but Xeni was joking about renaming the country.


  8. NoahRodenbeek says:

    How are they acting stupid? What a pompous attitude to take.

    Also, I’m missing the part where the creator of this video is making a profit.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t find this inspirational at all. I found it rather demoralising to once again see the poor people of the world adapt to American culture etc. But they seem to have an interesting mix of people in Kazakhstan

  10. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    First post Shanks?

  11. Anonymous says:

    How about Tupacistan?

  12. tbonelee68 says:

    I’m with you JTKAY…what is positive about this? It’s indicative of cultural eradication. Celebrating drugs, guns and dollars. Just remember how Tupac died.

  13. gtron says:

    “real Kazakhs” ?!
    “rename the place”?!
    I’ll tell you what needs a change is your Amer-o-centric egos. we Kazakhs have a far longer history and do not need a name change nor do we need your tourist videos. Seriously, your pathetic globalization of your so-called culture is LAME.
    so disrespectful are ye…

  14. NoahRodenbeek says:

    I think outside of the crack and gunplay there’s an overall meaning you may be missing. It’s important to remember how Tupac lived if you want to get the power of “Changes”‘s context, not focus on how he died.
    It’s indicative of cultural expression if anything, for what is this but LA’s version of “I Shot the Sheriff”? What kind of stink would it raise for foreigners to phonetically recite Bob Marley songs?

  15. shanks says:

    1. Go to a Kazakhstan
    2. Have Kazaks act stupid.
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    um… Didn’t Sacha Baron Cohen already do this?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Did anybody else notice one of the kids was wearing a red shirt that said, “Too many mother uckers”? Apparently he’s a fan of Flight of the Conchords or there are too many mother uckers ucking with his shit.

  17. Ugly Canuck says:

    And a third Tupac, too:


    All of them working for the underclass.

  18. Fiz says:

    Besides which, isn’t this song AGAINST crack and all that gangsta stuff?

  19. Catalaburro says:

    Grab your glocks when you see Borat, call the cops when you see Borat…

  20. Talia says:

    erm, yeah, #12 #10 you guys miss the point.

    Have you even listened to the lyrics of the song?
    The point is.. at least in this particular context.. we can change. We can be different. We are diverse and that’s ok.

    Putting this particular song into a diverse video like this just emphasizes how we need to lay aside differences.

    It’s a call for peace and understanding. It’s really rather beautiful.

    (sorry for the potential double post, please delet the other)

  21. Anonymous says:

    .899cc engine? Less than 1cc – must be the world’s smallest.

  22. Anonymous says:

    That would be a .899 litre engine or 899cc.

  23. autark says:

    whoa, must have missed this the first time it was posted on BoingBoing… although I have seen it before, I am going on the Mongol Rally this summer and this is damn inspirational!


  24. Chevan says:

    Oh hey, the Mongol Rally. Neat. A couple of my friends from high school did that this summer too.

    It’s neat stuff.

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