Haunted Mansion embroidery

Etsy seller Giddygirlie makes these wonderful Haunted Mansion embroideries to order.

Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts CUSTOM embroidery (via Craft)


  1. Is anyone else getting a “I hope Disney lawyers don’t notice and gin up Ye Olde Cease and Desist Legal Notice Generator and Soul-Crushing Device” feel from these?

    They’re awfully cute and clearly well done. i.e. Prime targets for the trademark sharks.

  2. After comparing these to a Disney Haunted Mansion poster, I get the feeling that they’re just simplified copies of someone else’s artwork — evil mega-corporate ownership though it may be — coming out of an embroidery program and into a computerized sewing machine.

    The BB logo would lend itself to embroidery quite nicely. Is it OK if Giddygirlie resells it?

  3. Cenoxo,

    .. coming out of an embroidery program and into a computerized sewing machine.

    From the artist’s Etsy page:

    This auction is for all three of the hand-embroidered ghosts which will be MADE TO ORDER. > Turn-around time is approx. FIVE (5) business days + shipping time. > Because these are each uniquely stitched, there may be slight variations to the final product. The fabric is an off-white raw (undyed) cotton.

  4. Thank you, everyone, for your feedback. Indeed, all of my embroidered creations are hand-made and no machines are harmed in the process.

    To respond to the question that everyone seems to have regarding the use of the imagery: I believe it falls solidly into the category of Fair Use. These are definitely inspired by existing characters, but the artwork is my own design and the final product is 100% unlike anything that Disney has ever made themselves. Because of the hand-made nature of everything that I create, I am not at all impeding on their ability to sell products with these characters and the volume of my sales are very low (hand-made takes time!) as is the (very little) money that I make from selling these works. I will never sell 1,000 or even 100 or even 20 of these hand-embroidered pieces. These are not “art gallery” pieces that are selling for thousands of dollars and these are not mass-produced knock-offs trying to present themselves as something else.

    I make things to make people happy. I am not in the hand-embroidery business to get rich! :) Obviously, if asked to C&D, I would, but I think that my extremely small-time, hand-made operation complements the existing portfolio of merchandise, rather than competes with it in any way.

    That being said, the Boing Boing logo would make a fantastic cross-stitch! ;-)

  5. Actually, it’s not Fair Use. Fair Use is when you write a review on something, use for teaching purposes, research, criticism.

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