Library in necklace form

Etsy seller TheBlackSpotBooks sells a library in necklace form -- a collection of 11 miniature blank-books bound in scrap and antique leather. I love the idea, though I'd love it more if the books had tiny little printing, the text of great public domain works.

Library of antique and scrap leather books for the neck - eleven miniature books (via Neatorama)


  1. I’ve seen bibles printed this small, from over a century ago.

    In fact, I used to own one. It was housed inside a pendant with a magnifying glass built into the front, so ostensibly it could be read. I might still own it, for all I know, the tiny little bugger.

  2. One tiny book would be cool… that heap of books looks uncomfortable and a bit obtrusive.

    I agree that it would be better to have content… the idea of a blank library might be the wrong sort of symbol to carry.

    If one book… what would yours be? Mine would be a volume of Clare Sheridan’s autobiography… Nuda Veritas.

  3. I realize part of the point of this exercise is to have actual print books, but some of those look big enough to hold a mini USB-stick or a micro-SD card. You really could fit a library in there if you limited the number of illustrations and compressed it down to 8 GB (or 16 GB as prices drop).

  4. Is there software for making miniature books? With high resolution duplex laser printers making readable miniature books is a technical feasibility, but with standard tools it would take too much time. I’m not talking about “booklets” — there’s lots of software out there for making half-page or quarter-page books, I’m talking truly miniature books — an inch a page at most like on this necklace.

  5. Creds to BWCBWC, I would find it cooler to put a real library on an SD card and put that in a waterproof shockproof case. Especially if not very heavy, with no sharp edges. Come to think of it I have not even seen anything for sale to hold multiple SD cards. And microSD could definitely fit in one of those books. FWIW yes my Mom has some of those tiny books. But they are antique would be damaged if worn like that and anyway, empty books is bad. Much better to go w/ SD.

  6. I agree with #3…too many books.
    one would be nice.

    I don’t mind that its blank. You could fill it up with teeny sketches. If you have more than one they could be themed…like all one book of flowers or bugs or cars or whatever…neato

  7. Blast you, Antinous, I was scrolling hopefully to the end of the page, thinking I would be able to make the reference-

    but you beat me. Well played, sir.

  8. Blank books are for filling, that is part of the beauty of this piece…

    The title may be what is wrong with it.

  9. A Library of books of your own words!
    a ghost libary or future library of sorts. i adore it!
    jl schnabel

  10. I’m trying to recall the name of a fine storyteller who used to read at Boston’s weekly Stone Soup Poets back in the 1980s and 1990s. She wrote modern fairy tales with a humorous twist and made miniature books as jewelry with some of her stories. I bought a couple from her once as gifts.

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