Scary alien hand in real estate listing photo?


What kind of thing is holding the door open in this photo of a residence for sale in Finland? (Via Lovely Listing)


  1. um… somebody (a human) with their hand around a doorknob?

    Thumb at the bottom, index in the middle and the rest of the fingers curled around the top of the knob?

    Am I alone in not seeing anything at all unusual here?

  2. “So why are you selling?”

    “Well, living on Earth’s been fun, but it’s about to implode on itself soon enough, I better sell my place and get the hell out of here.”

  3. Anon1, I thought the same thing. Just an odd position to the person’s hand. The human hand is very flexible and can look really weird if the photo is taken at an inopportune time.

    (One more reason to keep body parts out of photos of house listings!!)

  4. That’s Sven the concierge, who blew off some of his fingers while dynamite fishing one drunken New Year’s Eve.

  5. The Brazilian creature perhaps? Oh, and how about this: my captcha for this post is”urethras 45-year-old”

  6. Not only the alien hand, but did you see that glowing orb by the window?!? OMG, there’s all kinds of weird going on there!!!

  7. Torgo: There is nothing to fear, madam. The Master likes you. Nothing will happen to you. He likes you.

    Margaret: Likes me? I thought you said he was dead.

    Torgo: Dead? No, madam. Not dead the way you know it. He is with us always. Not dead the way you know it. He is with us always.

  8. Looks like a human hand only index an thumb showing, the rest is something flesh coloured behind the hand, an ocarina maybe, the doornob is not round is more like a lever (as seen in the other photo)

  9. The bigger question is how is it that a random Finnish real estate listing can find it’s way out of the quagmire into boing boing stardom, while my own creative work attracts 3 hits a year?

    Don’t answer that.

  10. If you enlarge the photo from the original web site, you can fairly easily see that the bottom two fingers are the thumb and index finger curled and shot at an odd angle, while the top “finger” is really the other three fingers held parallel to one another and resting on a lever-style door handle.

  11. It’s signaling to the light coming out of the forest that’s responsible for all the crop circles! OMG

  12. It’s just a bannister rail leading upstairs. The problem with the photo is the way the camera flash (reflected in the window) has ‘flattened’ the perspective of the wall/corner making it look like a door :)

  13. Firstly, it just looks like a hand at a strange angle.

    Secondly, the only other option is that it’s a person with some kind of deformity in their hand. I’m sure they’d just *love* to read this blog entry, beginning “What kind of _thing_ is holding the door open…” if that’s the case.

  14. I think the best thing to do is panic, yep, lets all panic. Ready steady, 1, 2, 3, go. rah! help, its a hand or is it?

  15. In Scandinavia we don’t have door knobs but door handles. The hand is resting on the handle which you can see the tip of at the wrist. The keyhole is by the thumb.

  16. I used to live on the next road over, I did always wonder what the strange creatures I saw after dark were…

  17. The hand on the door handle looks okay to me, but now I look at the window, the vegetation on the right looks like an illustration from Where the Wild Things Are, with its green arms reaching out.

  18. Perhaps sork can answer the following:
    Do you not have pigments of any sort in Finland with which to decorate, say, a room?

    No paint color, no window coverings, no wall decoration, no damned color at all.

    In short, the photo looks too much like a room with recently removed wall padding.

  19. That IS weird. They misspelled “Sibeliuksenkatu”. As in their most famous composer? Oh well.

    Huh. rents in Helsinki are lower than I’d have thought. That’s pretty central. (Also, I just discovered that the parliament building is confused with the cathedral on Google Maps)

    THIS Finnish apartment is worse though:

  20. #54 Well, apart from the fact that you’re supposed to buy your own damn curtains and wall decorations, it’s true that apartments here in Finland are pretty much like this: very white. It’s really freakin’ boring.

    #57 Did you notice that this is an ad for someone subletting _a room_ in their apartment.

  21. In the white room,
    with no curtains,
    at the station

    weird pink hand-thing
    reaching back in
    to frighten Boingers

  22. The hand probably belongs to the lovely old lady who is subletting the room in her apartment, just like #63 pointed out. That means you would bump into your creepily discolored landlady every single day.

  23. #61… that would actually be the correct spelling. In Finnish, the possessive of “Sibelius” is “Sibeliuksen”, and “katu” means street. So it’s Sibelius’ street.

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