Blu is back with COMBO

Bassam Tariq resides in New York City. He is the co-author of the blog 30 Mosques which celebrated the NYC mosques during the blessed Islamic month of Ramadan.

Blu, the innovative street artist who brought us the viralicious wall-painted animation MUTO, is at it again. Just recently, Blu teamed up with David Ellis and together they made COMBO. This is a piece they did at the FAME festival After my first watch, I think I like MUTO better. What do you guys think? (via Wooster Collective)


  1. Superhuman and delightful effort… just think of the sheer amount of paint, and then to do something THIS creative with it. I’m impressed.

  2. I think I like this better, the location is interesting.

    Though watching them work distracts from the show. Not sure getting the realization that this takes huge hours of labor adds to or subtracts from the overall effect.

  3. I like this one just as well as MUTO. MUTO was the continuing evolution of an idea, a cartoon drawn on an unconventional canvas. In COMBO, I like watching the artists reconsider the same canvas over and over. It’s fun watching the viral spread of the art onto new spots. I also enjoy seeing the hints of the processes they used.

  4. Wooster Collective is a great site that showcases some of the best street art around the world.

    I’m trying to find the link to this Gogurt ad that completely ripped off Blu’s MUTO. Anyone seen it?

  5. MUTO had the advantage of novelty and surprise.

    I like the meta quality of this one, seeing some of the huge amount of creative labor that goes into making these. But this seems to me more like a rough sketch than a finished piece.

    Not sure why it repeats halfway through. Or did I miss some subtle changes between the halves?

  6. Wow. very nice work, at times reminiscent of Terry Gilliam (a compliment not a slight). Love the use of color in this one compared to MUTO.

    Don’t understand the significance of looping it twice, did i miss something

  7. It is designed to end in a way that lets it loop, so I presume It plays twice so you can appreciate the cycle.

    I’ve seen short sequences of MUTO presented as loops (eg. between 3:585:42), so I presume there is an underlying loop-theme to some of his work.

    Installation sounds like a perfect reason.

  8. Incredible. Moments of it were far more brilliant than any individual moment of Muto.

    However as a full video I agree that I didn’t like it as much as Muto. I agree the people working was distracting and subtracted from the over all ‘animation’ side of the video. Perhaps they could have released 2 versions, one purely animated and one showing them work (or the first loop could have just the animation and the second half show the work that went in).

    The eyes in the windows were especially great.

  9. I really dug the sound design/music in this one.

    Why isn’t stuff like this on TV? All the time? What has gone so horribly wrong with our culture that we get what we do instead?

  10. Seems to me, that as a commercial website (you’re making $ off banner ads), you’ve violated the author’s Creative Commons license.

    Did you get his permission to post the video? Are you sharing ad revenue with him? Unsure that posting the entire 8 minute video constitutes fair use.

  11. If it suffers at all it’s from the fact that the first video was such a success that people aren’t immediately taken aback by the fact that SOMEONE IS ANIMATING A MURAL! I mean that’s fuckin’ crazy! I like that you can see the artists in action, but I wonder if it’s just an attempt to keep stupid youtube brats from yelling “Fake” all the time?

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