Man with hair styled as hat


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  1. Mister Eppy says:

    I wonder… into what shape does this man barber his pubes?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Usually people stare at geisha but this guy was so ultra cool they got into his do.

  3. earbox says:

    The Japanese sure do enjoy them some crazy black folks.

  4. weeklyrob says:

    They’d be touching his hair no matter how it was shaped. Most of them have never seen a black man’s hair before.

    The hat thing is a red herring.

  5. Ilovechocolatemilk says:

    @Mister Eppy

    Obviously it’s in the shape of a heart.

  6. says:

    Wow who thinks of that?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those interested in hair hats should check out “Hair Hat”, a book of short stories by author Carrie Snyder. It was published by Penguin Canada in 2004. (ISBN 0-14-301537-0)

  8. nosehat says:

    I do like the name “Mr. Hair Hat”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Commentator: In fact, this man has not taken off his hat for 20 years.
    Man with hair hat: “Even when I eat a meal I don’t take off my hat”
    “Even when I go in the bath I don’t take off my hat”
    weird psycho yellow thing: “Why do you think this man hasn’t taken off his hat for 20 years? That reason is…”

    Commentator: “Truthfully, this is his hair!!!”
    Spectators: ZOMG crazy!
    Commentator: “Danny-san has been growing his hair hat for 20 years”
    “If he walks in the city…”
    Geisha: “Amazzzzing”
    Commentator: “If he goes to a holy temple shrine” (this is confusing to translate, but the
    smoke from the temple is deemed to be lucky or holy and thus people wave it onto themselves)
    Random girls: “This is hair?! Amazzzing”
    Commentator: “Also, if he goes to the bathhouse…”
    Old bath man: “Please take off your hat and enter(the bath)”
    “What is this?!”
    “Your Hair?! hahaha”
    Commentator: “It’s shampoo time!”
    “He rubs his bangs to clean the visor”
    “Other people using the bath also…”
    “Even after washing it returns to shape, without even using products”
    weird psycho yellow thing: “He had a lonely feeling because he couldn’t buy a hat, so he grew it”

  10. Anonymous says:

    earbox, yes. sometimes uncomfortably so.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do a bowler next, Mr. Hair Hat!

  12. Little John says:

    David @#5: Ha! I wish. I seem to remember only the inane and pedantic crap (I can recite an entire Fig Newton commercial from around 1974 and I know how and when to use apostrophes) and too little wish one might call marketable knowledge. Anyway, I forgot that I’d been hanging out here so long.

    Poster #10 said: I do like the name “Mr. Hair Hat”. Yeah, we’re all surprised to hear this from someone named NOSEHAT.

    weeklyrob @#14: So, you’re saying that it’s really a herring hat? “Mr. Herring Hat?”

  13. adamnvillani says:

    I think I saw this guy in the Weekly World News sometime back in the 90s.

  14. ill lich says:

    Judge: “Sir, you will remove your hat in the courtroom or I will charge you with contempt!”

    Uh-ohh. . .

  15. earbox says:

    @Anonymous 11: Yes, that was my intended subtext.

  16. jackie31337 says:

    Mr. Hair Hat is awesome. The best I could manage would be a hair beany.

  17. zikman says:

    why are they all touching it

  18. Little John says:

    Man! Have I been reading BB for this long?

  19. frankieboy says:

    Polysics caught my ear at :35, then I realized there has to be at least 9 snippets of music in this clip. I’m used to frenetic visual editing, but this is a new style for me. With the little insets of the facial expressions, the animated illustrations and frame, the superimposed thought balloons; they’ve got more audio visual stimulation going on in 90 seconds than just the hair cap guy! Between following that dude around with a camera, and editing this thing, how many people and how much time went into it?!!

  20. technogeek says:

    Better hair hat than hat hair…

  21. Anonymous says:

    In other news: there’s a black man in Japan!

  22. Alex_M says:

    Better get this old meme out of the way immediately:

    My hair is a hat, your argument is invalid.

  23. David Pescovitz says:

    LITTLE_JOHN, thanks! You have a better memory than I do!

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