Update: Cash4Gold drops Consumerist from lawsuit


Cash4Gold, a company that offers money for gold jewelry and coins you send them, has dropped the website Consumerist as a defendant in a lawsuit against ex-employees. More here. (thanks, Ben Popken)


  1. Well, well. They’ve dropped the only defendant who has any defensive resources(consumerist/consumer reports) and continued against the individual soft targets. Nice guys.

  2. Considering the internet hate for Cash4Gold, I’m surprised there hasn’t been any form of “Everybody mail in junk” protest against them, since they send out postage-paid mailers.

  3. @Ben44 #3:

    I can’t help but notice that the first and only comment you’ve posted to BoingBoing so far appears to be a glowing review of a web-based commercial service. This recommendation wouldn’t have anything to do with you being on the Silver and Gold exchange payroll, would it?

  4. OK, maybe a false alarm… but kind of weird that he (or someone sharing his username) seems to travel the internet posting glowing reviews of that company.

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