Another example of a garbage Instagram product and the seller's fraudulent reply


Best purchase I ever made! 🦈🍎 #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Sam Cahn

Instragram is the place where dropship derps sell crap to people who don't know better. Take a look at this video by Sam Cahn, who saw an ad for a "Large Shark Bust" suitable for mounting on the wall.


Show me an item you bought that you were greatly disappointed in due to poor product description, or false advertising. I'll go first.

So I'm scrolling Instagram, as one does, and I see this targeted ad for a Jaws bust I can hang on my wall for $40. Of course, I'm going to get it. Gorgeous! What a find! Add To Cart, please.

Now I should note there were no specific measurements for the shark. But I saw the word "large." And I saw an apple next to the shark. Applying the scientific method and being a graduate of kindergarten, I deduced that the shark will in fact be large.

Imagine my surprise. [Sam holds up tiny shark bust.]

So I sent them an email and I said, "Hey, guys, Why'd you do that?" And here was their reply:

"It's just that the lens is close. That's just a photography skill. So the effect of the shot looks bigger."

In other words, "haha, Sam, we tricked you."

Why did you have the word large? Is there a smaller one than this? And why is the apple there? Are you saying it's the size of an apple?