Early 1990s TV commercial - pay $2 a minute to hear a story that will make you cry

A TV commercial for a 900 number that makes people cry. (Via Filled with Chocolate Pudding!)


  1. When I was growing up, TV shows were rife with 1-900 number ads. I never called them; I was too young, and the time it took to decide to ask my parents was enough time to reconsider and know better.

    Now I have to comb YouTube for all kinds of 900 number ads. Apart from the obvious psychic hotlines, there was also an insult line, a “DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince” line that was all over Nickelodeon, and a few others that couldn’t have been anything but some recorded message if you actually called them. I’ve always been curious, but not $3.99 a minute curious.

    I wonder if anyone thought to record their calls onto cassettes and post them online.

    Of course, now we have SMS services.

  2. It is kinda fun to imagine what’s on the other end of the line. I imagine it’s something terribly surreal, like maybe this guy:

    Or an endless loop of novelty Christmas songs performed by barking dogs or meowing cats.

  3. “You’re paying $2 a minute for this call… you’re paying $2 a minute for this call… you’re paying $2 a minute for this call…”

  4. Some time in the late 60s a wag at Bell Tel, Los Angeles, assigned a number to Dial-A-Prayer that spelled out GODDAMN. Yep: 213-GODDAMN got you a nice little recorded prayer. I remember it staying active for upwards to a year before it was removed. I won a couple bar bets with it.

  5. Cant believe that no one noticed
    Victoria Jackson at the 22 second mark?
    She was in 80’s movies, Casual Sex, and also daffy blond on SNL in the 80’s.

  6. I’m very sure that is not Victoria Jackson at the :22 mark. It looks a little like her, but definitely a different woman.

  7. This must’ve been the inspiration for everyone’s favourite fair-weather tune “The Crying Game”
    (Apologies to Boy George. Or perhaps not.)

    “I know all there is to know about the crying game
    Ive had my share of the crying game

    First there are kisses, then there are sighs
    And then before you know where you are
    Youre sayin goodbye

    One day soon Im gonna tell the moon about the crying game
    And if he knows maybe hell explain

    Why there are heartaches, why there are tears
    And what to do to stop feeling blue
    When love disappears”

  8. The kids are too smart to fall for that kind of thing these days.

    By the way, if you want to win an iPod and you know what color the sky is, text your answer to 48139. ($4.99 per text, additional charges may apply)

  9. Oh God…that is killer. That is brilliant. So good it makes me want to cry. Thank you so much. I needed that.

  10. I once emcee’d a S/M “slave auction” where a celebrated author offered the opportunity of giving the lucky winner “15 minutes to make me cry.”

    She was one tough cookie.

  11. Nowadays we just google search for “liebot, what is the saddest thing?” and read an achewood comic.

  12. And the worst thing is the crying chap with the layered-and-feathered look is now mistaken for a mullet man. Two different styles, folks!

    (so what if I kept my hair like that for far too long… shut up.)

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