Gamer/anime mural

Roel sez, "We're a casual gaming company from the Netherlands and we just finished a very big wall painting (containing several game and anime characters) for our meeting room."

Love this -- it's like one of those Sharpie pen murals crossed with the back of my Junior High notebook.

Our awesome meeting room (Thanks, Roel!)


  1. Its very insidious IMO.
    Those fake grins are freaking me out and just what is Bison about to do to that little girl?

  2. You forgot M.Bison, Felicia, Morrigan and Starman (From Mario).

    Totoro’s the best, along with that small Tony Tony Chopper in front of him.

  3. Also Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist.

    I really want to do something similar in my apartment, damage deposit be damned!

  4. On the right above Naruto is Ichigo from Bleach, and above him – is that woman supposed to be Samus from Metroid? (Note the helmet under her arm)

  5. I can almost smell the delicious saltiness of the tidal wave of copyright infringement lawsuits that they’re going to get as a result of this post.

  6. Yeah, it’s Samus up on the right. Very sexy Samus.
    The snot-dripping kid with the bear hat and toilet paper roll up front is White (Shiro) from the movie Tekkonkinkreet, which is a fantastic movie. I’m glad to see other people know about it.

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