Ada Lovelace biopic needs letters of support


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  1. Jonathan Badger says:

    I kind of suspect this is a low budget kind of deal. I doubt very much that a convincing movie of the “The Difference Engine” could be made without expensive sets, or at least expensive CGI…

  2. lawman says:

    I’d love to see the life and work of Ada Lovelace become more well known.

    I might as well link to the excellent alternate history novel “The difference engine” by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling – Ada plays a part in it.

  3. funkyderek says:

    Great idea, terrible title. Is it meant to be some sort of pun?

  4. Siamang says:

    You need this link. This is the awesomest Ada Lovelace link there is:

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can we get Calculon to star in this?

  6. hdon says:

    Is this how all documentaries on PBS get there? Someone asks the Internet for letters explaining “how they through their networks can help to publicize the film?” I’m a software developer and I want my little sister to see this documentary, is that good enough?- or do I have to be American, too? (I am Amerian, but I don’t like to prove it if I don’t have to.)

  7. AnoniMouse says:

    This is about funding and whether or not this doc. will make PBS any money. Simply stating that Lovelace is relevant is NOT enough. Lots of historical figures are relevant, but without willing viewers, would not be a wise investment.

    If you really want to see this film made, don’t just say that it “should be made ’cause Lovelace is important.” Help this person out and actually write a letter stating *why* Lovelace interests you and your associates. That’s the only thing that will make this doc. a worthwhile investment for PBS.

    Historical documentaries are hard enough to make without having to beg a foundation to support it. A letter will take you five minutes. Negate some of that negative karma and send out your letter.

  8. ClintonD says:


    I was just about to mention that. Babbage and Lovelace, Steampunk Proto-geek Crime Fighters, would make for an awesome biopic. With Hugh Jackman as Brunel!

  9. JohnnyLilburne says:

    @ funkyderek

    “Great idea, terrible title.”

    Yes, it is. I suggest this:

    Ada Lovelace: Deep Thought

  10. Joe says:

    I’m puzzled as to why this kind of campaign would be needed. The US DoD named their programming language Ada in her honor; she was evidently the first person to think clearly about the non-numerical aspects of computing; in Alan Turing’s seminal paper on artificial intelligence where he proposes the Turing Test, he is explicitly debating with her well-known statement on the limits of computers: “The Analytical Engine has no pretensions to originate anything. It can do whatever we know how to order it to perform …”

  11. Brian Vaughan says:

    The continuing disparity in the numbers of women and men in software development is one reason why this is needed.

  12. blueworld says:

    @CLAVDIVS: Actually, her name is in the title. Byron was Ada Lovelace’s maiden name (she was the daughter of the famous poet).

  13. Daneel says:

    Can’t they make a film of The Difference Engine instead?

  14. CLAVDIVS says:

    If this movie is supposed to be about Ada Lovelace, why isn’t her name in the title?

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