Comic about Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage

Drew sends us The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, "An occasional webcomic detailing the adventures of Babbage and Lovelace. Much of the dialogue and ideas taken from Babbage's autobiography and Lovelace's letters, thereby proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. The artist is an animator and it shows in the splendid life and expression of the artwork."

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (Thanks, Drew!)


  1. I love this comic and have been following it since early on. I only wish there were more of them and more frequent updates.

    I knew little about Babbage or Lovelace until someone pointed me to the first comic of this series and I’ve been obsessed with both characters ever since.

    When you had the Lovelace Biopic thing earlier I immediately thought of the comic and raced to point out your link there. I’m now glad to return here only to find a link of the comic.

    Everyone should read this comic! “And it shall be powered with STEAM!!”

  2. Shooting some bankers doesn’t actually seem like such a bad idea.

    Shooting all the bankers: maybe even better.

  3. My thoughts exactly SG. Don’t forget the real estate people, lawyers,and politicians. That wall will look like a swiss cheese. Forward to the revolution!!

  4. This. Is. Fucking. Awesome. Plus, I’m with Babbage on street music – well, bagpipes, anyway. I believe his personal bugbear was the barrel-organ. Me, I’m in favour of airstrikes on all bagpipers. That and enormous, clanking, mechanical computers, natch.

  5. A “differene” engine, huh? I’ve never heard of one of those.

    It nags at me, as a staunch defender of comics, that a couple of the best ones I’ve read have misspellings in them (MLK, Torso). And this one, which I haven’t yet read: two in one panel!

  6. Sydney Padua – the writer and artist – is an amazing lady.

    #7: forgive a spelling mistake or two – she does this in her spare time! I’m sure she’ll fix it.

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