The Lost Art of Cable Lacing


BB pal Gareth Branwyn has a really cool post up over at Make about the "lost knowledge" of cable lacing. This method of cable management preceded zipties, and was used in "the telecom industry, aerospace, marine applications, and elsewhere," he says. Gar's post includes some wonderful detail photos, and notes from readers explaining how it works. Impulselabs sez:

The bundling is done with a technique called "cable lacing". A series of knots and stitches from a continuous piece of wax impregnated cotton or twine are used to bundle cables together. It takes some practice, but it'll outperform zipties in that it won't crush the insulative jackets on wiring and that it's not going to shift axially on you if it's loose. Likewise, my bundles have a rectangular cross section. Zipties can't conform and keep bundle shapes other than ellipses.
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