Zoomquilt II: Flash zoom-through painting


The Zoomquilt II, a 2007 sequel to the jarring Zoomquilt of 2004, is an even more hypnotic Flash zoom-through collaborative painting with bits from more than 30 different artists. Zoomquilt 2 (via @Chris_Carter)


  1. Of course, after staring deeply into the Zoomquilt for a while, once you look away your field of vision seems to be zooming in the other direction. Classic perceptual trick; the brain gets used to tracking constant motion in one direction and subtracting it out, and continues subtracting for a little while even when the motion stops.

  2. Wow. I thought the first one was good – thanks for posting this treat. I think my brain fell out.

  3. I watched for several minutes, then when I returned to BoingBoing, all the text and images were slowly receding!

  4. Hmm… longer than the first one, but not as good. The transitions aren’t as intriguing. And I miss the ribbon.

  5. I thought it was awesome, but the screensaver is a waste of time – super jerky and seems to eat up processing power.

  6. Can anybody (easily) tell me how they did this? I have quite a bit of experience with Flash, but have not been able to figure out how to make a movie perpetually zoom into itself. Any tips would be great!

  7. oh man, there’s a perspective change from landscape to over head! wish they’d explored it for a while instead of guiding it back.

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