Comcast: TV Everywhere, and a possible $30 billion NBC buyout


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This may be a big step forward for Comcast, however you might as well save some time and patience by taking a look at DISH and their SlingLoaded technology. By using this Sling Adapter with your Dish system, you can access thousands of shows, manage and watch your DVR, and use your iPad or other Tablets to access these virtually anywhere. The best thing is you can do all this now, and not have to wait for Comcast to work out the kinks on their (Still!) unreleased product. As an employee and subscriber, DISH offers the most current technology for TV Everywhere. Take a look at

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    This may help me make up my mind about my cable subscription.

    I’ve been using a PC based DVR to record shows on AMC, Syfy, TNT and a few other channels. These just started to scramble their signal.

    If the new internet VOD is really useful, I’ll cut back to Basic Cable and look forward to watching Mad Men and Breaking Bad via TV Everywhere.

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