Goldwag: Cranks, Curiosities, and the Process Church


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  1. the_headless_rabbit says:

    I believe industrial band Skinny Puppy released an album in 1996 called “The Process” that was supposed to be concept album about “the process church”

    of course, trying to decipher Ogre’s lyrics is near impossible, so the only thing that really gives away the album’s theme is the title.

  2. Avi Solomon says:

    Arthur, I’m surprised you haven’t done a post on Gurdjieff yet:)

  3. strangefriend says:

    Jay Kinney wrote a great story about the Process in the underground comic Occult Laff Parade called ‘Death Is Love.’

  4. Robert says:

    Neat post. Only, please, don’t shout the book titles.

  5. Arthur Goldwag says:

    And while this also has nothing whatsoever to do with Process theology, it’s funny that one of the men who pioneered it in the ’60s, David Ray Griffin, has become one of the leading spokesmen for 9/11 Truth. I wonder if there’s a connection with Leo Strauss, too. As a wise man once said, the difference between reality and fiction….

  6. Shawn Wolfe says:

    We attended The Process Church performance/service here in Seattle a couple weekends ago with Adam Parfrey and a reconstituted Process Church Band. Really odd and cool. The book is fascinating and packed with large color reproductions from the Process magazine, etc.

  7. deepy says:

    Mary Ann was at one time married to boxer Sugar Ray Robinson. Her pre-Process S&M prostitution ring was linked to the Profumo scandal. She was a busy lady.

  8. deepy says:

    Don’t be coy Goldwag, you know the connection between Strauss and Griffin. Just tell the people.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I remember TheProcess people in Ottawa in the late 60′s.
    They wore black pants and cobalt-blue Star-Trek type tops and long black capes. They would swoop in at you as you walked along, and hover over you and preach intimate disclosures about being able to do anything and get anything you wanted.
    All in all their vibe was dark and creepy – semi-sinister and vampiric. Not the sort of thing that had any appeal to anyone I ever heard of, and they were only around for about a year.
    But there were many trips like that going on at that time. Scientologists would grab you by the arm and try to drag you into their lair.
    Strange Japanese cult-Buddhists with white shirts and black neckties would tell you you could chant for TV’s and Cadillacs.

  10. DanRuth says:

    Fascinating Article. I, too, am too young to remember this movement.

    I don’t want the Processeans to get confused with Process Theology, though perhaps they have similar origins. Process Theology comes out of the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. Process Theology/Philosophy is a respected and influential set of ideas that continues to influence many mainstream theologians and philosophers.

    I am not disagreeing with anything in the article, I just don’t want readers to hear “Process” and automatically think of the crazy “Processeans” as the only connection.

  11. Daemon says:

    “The difference between reality and fiction, is that fiction has to make sense.” – me

  12. Keith says:

    I remember reading about this in your book and thought it very odd. As if Charles Manson, instead of going on a psychedelic fueled murder binge, became a vet.

  13. Malgwyn says:

    Didn’t most everyone sue Ed Sanders? OTO, Scientology, Process etc.

    I remember Hans Holzer’s “The New Pagans” had a great early write-up on both The Process and the offshoot, “The Foundation”. The later seems to get overlooked.

    • Arthur Goldwag says:

      The redacted chapters are posted on the Web, at a site that’s too creepy-sounding for me to feel comfortable about providing the link. They were interesting.

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