Life-sized walking Tauntaun costume

Scott Holden of Sacramento, CA made this incredible life-sized Tauntaun costume using a 3D Studio Max mesh model, wood, clay, plaster, metal, foam, silicone, homemade stilts, and lots of fur. had Holden document the whole process in words and pictures. Scott Holden's Tauntaun costume


  1. Just in time to be too late for Halloween! It’s an awesome piece of work but, I wonder how he can balance the head section properly while being on stilts?

  2. While the size of the costume is impressive the Tauntaun could be executed a bit more realistically (not that I could do anything like this. Also benefits from not being terrifying to younglings).

    Last week I saw an amazing costume from Austin, Texas. Peter Staats created a dinosaur creature that spits water and is generally a spectacular. His Steampunk costume looks great too.

  3. Nash Rambler,

    It was finished in time for Halloween, he won $2500 in a costume contest this year. The head is balanced via weights in the tail.

  4. I am in awe of someone who has the expertise, ambition and creativity to pull this off. Someone like him needs to have his own television show.

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