Life-sized walking Tauntaun costume


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  1. metafactory says:

    While the size of the costume is impressive the Tauntaun could be executed a bit more realistically (not that I could do anything like this. Also benefits from not being terrifying to younglings).

    Last week I saw an amazing costume from Austin, Texas. Peter Staats created a dinosaur creature that spits water and is generally a spectacular. His Steampunk costume looks great too.

  2. mccrum says:

    Nash Rambler,

    It was finished in time for Halloween, he won $2500 in a costume contest this year. The head is balanced via weights in the tail.

  3. alowishus says:

    That’s amazing. Simply amazing.

  4. Sal Paradise says:

    It’ll freeze before he reaches the first marker!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of this ‘rejected’ Tauntaun costume design from 1999:

  6. libraryboi says:

    I am in awe of someone who has the expertise, ambition and creativity to pull this off. Someone like him needs to have his own television show.

  7. Xeni Jardin says:


  8. akbar56 says:

    But did he make it smell bad on the outside?

  9. Kuranes says:

    Can it be sliced open with a cheap light saber?

  10. Nash Rambler says:

    Just in time to be too late for Halloween! It’s an awesome piece of work but, I wonder how he can balance the head section properly while being on stilts?

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