Bigfoot and Yeti Christmas tree ornaments

 Wp-Content Uploads Icm-Brown-Ornament  Wp-Content Uploads Icm-White-Ornament These handsome Sasquatch and Yeti ornaments for the Christmas Tree are around 4.5" tall and made from glass and resin. They're available from Loren Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum gift shop. Coming soon on BB, an interview with Coleman about the new public museum!
Bigfoot & Yeti Ornaments


  1. The hanging point appears to be standard-issue Xmas bauble grade. Perhaps you were wanting something less seasonal?

  2. Well, it is obvious that Bigfoot is smiling because the artists have painted them more correctly.

    Yetis are reportedly described by eyewitnesses as reddish and darker browns, with each foot’s hallux (their big toe) sticking out to the side, more like a pongid than a hominid. Bigfoot/Sasquatch feet are more like yours and mine, that is humanlike, like these models, but, of course, larger than the feet of Homo sapiens.

    But for cultural reasons and because white ornaments tend to show better against the emerald background of evergreen trees, I think albino Yetis are here to stay.

    Enjoy them.

    Happy Holidays,
    Loren Coleman
    International Cryptozoology Museum
    Portland, Maine

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