17 particularly peculiar Beach Boys songs

Keith Phipps assembled a list of "17 particularly peculiar Beach Boys songs." They may be peculiar, but they're also a lot of fun to listen to.

(Via Michel Leddy, who asks "how could he have left out “I’m Bugged at My Old Man”?)


  1. Nice list, makes me wish I still had all the old Beach Boys records that my folks were going to throw out years ago. For the life of me I can’t remember what happened to them. Though I do prefer Dylan’s version of “The Times They Are A Changing.”

  2. Can’t forget :

    I’m A Genius, Too! The Murry Wilson Tapes – WFMU’s Beware of the Blog


    “Listening back to the full Help Me Ronda sessions again, I’m struck by how sane Brian sounds when compared to Murry, and how mature and patient he is for a 22 old standing up to his abusive, alcoholic father. After listening in on this session, It’s easy to see why the Beach Boys eventually purchased Murry a fake audio console for their sessions, so he could twiddle knobs to his heart’s delight without destroying anything.”

    : )

  3. might want to recheck the link?

    shows a Beach Boys and Hollies cover of
    “Times they are a changing”, not
    “17 peculiar Beach Boys songs” ….

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