Latest Improv Everywhere perfomance: man gets "lost" at Knicks game

Charlie Todd says: "For our latest mission, Agent Lathan pretended to get lost during a Knicks game. Throughout the second half he kept appearing further and further away from his assigned seat with a confused look on his face." After a while, a bunch of people started calling out to Rob.

Where's Rob?


    1. yes, this is the latest. the previous one was sorta impromptu and didnt have any video footage. ive been waiting for them update this one.

  1. As a whole, the human race is full of really wonderful people that want to help each other along. It’s easy to focus on just that one apple you ate out of the thousands with the worm in it, but most of the time–they’re delicious.

    1. You know, I had the same idea, watching this. Improv Everywhere is one of those things that proves that the human race is united by bonds deeper than greed or anger. We all just love to be happy.

  2. Improv Everywhere is so tired, I can’t believe that guy is still doing this stuff. Is he waiting on a TV or movie deal?

    1. Sorry you’re tired of them, I think they’re great. I really appreciate the way they break everyday people out of the monotony of daily life.

  3. Yeah, gotta agree with Mike – I really enjoyed that. I read the description and thought “How is that funny?” But then I watched and got a big kick out of it. Good stuff.

  4. Erm, how is it “improv” if they are re-doing their old stunts? This one and the food court musical… so far.

    1. ^^^Oh, it’s worth noting that you should read everything below the video after (or probably even before) you watch it…the video is pretty short, and the stills and agents’ stories make it so much more awesome!

  5. I think that I’ll form a guerilla street theater group called “It’s Not Improv If You Plan It Out, Dumbass” whose sole “mission” will be to follow Improv Everywhere “agents” around on the street and offer loud critiques of whatever they’re doing. That’s gotta be worth a few minutes on This American Life, at least.

    1. your group might have a more accurate name, but it would definitely be way less fun and way more boring than the other one. and there’s no way in hell you’d get on this american life for it.

  6. I agree that IE stunts are amusing, and I love the way they bring wonderment back to zombie-rituals (like taking the subway [pants-free] and buying a coffee [mobius]) but I also agree there’s something a little false in it…like you’re being *duped *. Yes, it’s entertainment, but you don’t really get to choose whether you’re brought into it or not. E.g. your heartstrings are tugged as you are invited to assist a young man in proposing to his girlfriend on the subway by holding up a sign with the word “Will” (as in, the ppl next to you are holding, “you”, “marry” and “me?”). You think “wow! That was incredible. I am so touched.” Then you go home and your roommate shows you that you’re in a youtube phenomenon, part of several stunts. It feels like you’re complicit in an ad. They’re actors, doing performances. Your feelings are undermined. You think, “Hmm, next time I see something really touching and unusual, a little bit of magic that breaks me out of the monotony, I will have some doubts about it.” Sad.

  7. unbelievable. Now Improv Everywhere has fucking critics. Everyone wants to ruin a good thing if it gets popular or gets any plaudits. Is it so sad that they’re trying to make life more fun and interesting for themselves and those around them? sorry if that’s such a horrible thing.

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