Cocaine-stuffed chicken smuggled into US by Guatemalan man


This is your chicken on drugs. Wagner Mauricio Linares Aragon, a 32-year-old citizen of Guatemala, was arrested at Dulles Int'l. Airport when authorities discovered that the cooked chicken he brought with him on a flight from El Salvador was stuffed with about $4,000 worth of cocaine.

Inside the chicken's cavity they found two small, clear bags that contained about 60 grams - about 2.3 ounces - of powder cocaine.
Cavity, hehehhe. The chicken was cooked, not alive, but I like the trippy look in the eyes of the rooster above. [image: "Little Chicken," from the CC-licensed Flickr stream of hdodd/poppy]

Update: In the comments, Boing Boing reader Lobster suggests that this recipe for drug smuggling henceforth be known as "Chicken Cordon Blow." Win.


  1. Idiot. Should have baked it into a cake or shoved it up his ass. You’re pretty much not allowed to bring meat of any kind into the country.

  2. 60g @ street price on a per-gram basis is only ~$2400, or about $1700 wholesale.

    gotta love/hate the price inflation the DEA uses. it’s not 1985, morons.

      1. “it exaggerates the size of the bust….”


        even breaking it down to per gram is likely an inflation, though within the realm of the possible.

        never dealt with coke, but if somebody got busted with 60 “eighth’s” of weed (almost half a pound), and it was claimed that they would get eighth prices on all of it, I’d be incredulous.

  3. @Tim, they sure do. And you always wondered what made Pollo Campero so.. addictive… so intoxicating…

  4. Hahaha… I was going to suggest this article to Boing Boing this morning and then I thought.. nah… they wouldn’t post it. hee

  5. I’m pretty sure cocaine is a secret ingredient within McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. And we’re one step closer to the “drugs smuggled in infant’s corpse” urban legend coming true.

  7. I tried this stuffing recipe with turkey one Thanksgiving, the post-meal discussions were very lively, although it seemed everyone was pontificating and not really listening to each other (but at least nobody fell asleep in front of the TV.)

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