Wendy "Elfquest" Pini's artwork for the never-made "Stormbringer" movie

Tavie sez, "Wendy Pini, creator of Elfquest, is my favorite living artist. I had long been curious about this out-of-print book about her quest to bring Michael Moorcock's "Stormbringer" to the big screen. The artwork was supposed to be phenomenal, but the book was unfindable long before I had even heard of Elfquest. Richard Pini has now made the book available online - in its glorious, lushly illustrated entirety - at Wendy's website for her web graphic novel, Masque of the Red Death. The paintings are incredible."

Law & Chaos - Wendy Pini (Thanks, Tavie!)


  1. I dunno, I never pictured Elric looking liable to get his ass kicked by the captain of the football team.

    “I put on my robe and wizard hat…”

    1. Isn’t he supposed to be sickly, pale and weak? That’s why he keeps the sword around. For the energy.

      I always liked the Robert Gould drawings when I was a kid, but I just looked at them now, and – they were better in my memory.

  2. Much rather see a Stormbringer movie than a remake of Clash of the Titans…but who knows, if Clash does very well perhaps Stormbringer will be made…

  3. As a teen in the early 80s I was addicted to Elfquest and wore through multiple copies of every issue through frequent readings. I recently rediscovered it and although I don’t think much of most of the more recent incarnations, the original series is still near and dear to my heart.

    Since none of my friends ever liked it, I’m always surprised when I hear about it. I always thought I was the only one who liked the comic. Glad I’m still wrong about that, even 31 years after the first issue came out!

  4. Man, once again the names ElfQuest and Pini pop up out of nowhere. Wendy’s artwork was a major anchor for my comic geekdom in my early teens, and launched me into my first internet communities of the EQ listserv (which Tavie may have been a mod for?) and the TwoMoons MUSH.

    Nice to see Wendy’s stuff still getting some attention so many years later.

    1. I wasn’t a mod, @Anonymous 8, but I was a participant. I haven’t thought about Two Moons MUSH in years!

  5. Like shablul, I was addicted to Elfquest (in my pre-teen years), and still have the four main graphic novels, which I hope my kids will enjoy one day.

    The actual comics are long gone, as are the multiple later iterations of the series. At one point I had every book that the Pinis published, including the Gatherums and, believe it or not, Law and Chaos.

    I still love opening up the original Quest. The story and the amazing artwork never fail to amaze me.

  6. I’ve never been a fan of elfquest, other than the song Madcoil: Nightcrawler. (Coincidentally written by Mercedes Lackey)

    But I’d kill to see a good movie about the White Wolf. Sort of hard for them to work in a Hollywood ending without spoiling the whole thing though.

  7. I actually have a copy of the book, it is a neat look at how they were going to animate Elric. But I wasn’t really ever an Elfquest fan, more of a diehard Moorecock fan that thought a good animated movie of Elric would be cool. I mean it has to be better than “The Final Programme” which is ok, but it has been a long time since I have actually seen it.

  8. the book version is on sale all the time used at Amazon and Barnesandnoble, at (mostly) reasonable prices. It’s also easier on the eyes, no flash to fight with, and you don’t have to navigate through the current site to get to it.

  9. Elric is portrayed as barely being able to get out of bed without spells and drugs. A weak breeze could beat him up w/ out his sorcery. Pwned!

  10. My brother was really into Elfquest for a while, and he’s got a copy of this that I’ve poured over a few times. It really is quite remarkable work.

  11. I have the whole collection of elf quest . 1 thru 20 in black and white .and few in color. I am looking forward to see more storys in soft covers of her work , I was moved bY elf quest and was sadd when it ended . It took years to get them all . I was wondering If Wendy after her divorce , did she do any more elf storys or books art , I love her work . sicerly Carlos R. E. a long time fan.

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