Bed looks like a dinosaur's mouth


Here's one creative way to help kids overcome irrational fears, like the fear of being eaten alive by a dinosaur: make them sleep in between a pair of giant dinosaur jaws every night. A Jupiter, Florida couple made this, presumably for their kid. The lower jaw has a storage drawer hinged onto it.

3Murphys via Gizmodiva


  1. Not quite as cool as the AT-AT bunk bed, but the dino paintings on the wall combined with the “I’m gonna take a nap in this T-Rex’s mouth for a few hours” is pretty darn cool.

  2. I somehow doubt this child has dinosaur phobias. My son, however, was haunted by alligator nightmares with said alligators allegedly living in the walls. When we moved into our first house, we put him in the bedroom that had a chair rail around the entire room. We told him it was an alligator barrier (he was then 2 1/2.) The nightmares ended immediately.

  3. I thought at first it said “make them sleep in between a pair of giant dinosaur ‘jews’ every night”. Too much south park for me…

  4. Kid phobia trick: give your pets a job.
    “I’m afraid of monsters.”
    “We don’t have any monsters because we have cats.”
    “Yeah, that’s their job. Keeping out the monsters. We don’t have monsters because the cats chase them away.”

  5. It looks like the bed is meant to merge with a mural on the back wall, like a dinosaur’s head is sticking out into the room.

    Let me tell you, if I had known someone with a bed like that growing up, I would have been asking to stay at their house every week.

    That is an amazingly cool bed.

  6. Gee thanks. my six year old Rowan ran across the room when that came up “WHAT IS THAT?!!! COOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!”

  7. That’s a cool bed. I never was scared of any dinosaur or non-anthropormophic menace as a child, but the axe murderer that might have been in the other room was a different story.

  8. This is really cool and my grand daughter would love it, but it appears that a child’s foot is sticking out of the pillow case – maybe its a bit too scary?

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