Sad Donald Trump cries about barricade to explain why nobody shows up to support him at trial (video)

A humiliated Donald Trump cried into news cameras this morning to cover up the embarrassing fact that absolutely nobody — including family, "friends," and even protestors — has shown up to support him at his hush money criminal trial.

"For Great Americans, people who want to come down and protest at the court — and they want to protest peacefully — we have more police presence here than anyone's ever seen. For blocks you can't even get near this courthouse," the lonely conman said before walking into courthouse, painting a picture of police blockades barring anyone and everyone from stepping in eyeshot of the Manhattan courthouse. (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

Meanwhile, photos and video of the courthouse tell a completely different story.

"Trump just claimed that the police have shut down the streets around the courthouse for blocks & that his protesters can't be here. Just…not true. There is one pro-Trump person here & the main street along the courthouse is open to traffic," countered NBC's Vaughn Hillyard on X (see below).

"I counted a total of 3 Trump supporters at courthouse today. The loudest person was the guy yelling at them 'Bill Clinton balanced the budget!'" reported MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on X, along with a photo showing a few stragglers looking aimless in front of the courthouse. (See below.)

And reposting Aaron Rupar's video, The Good Liars said, "This is obviously a lie. We were there yesterday. There is a space to protest right across the street and we counted five Trump supporters total. Six if you count Andrew Giuliani wandering aimlessly looking for someone to interview him." (See below.)

Yes, there is heightened security to protect everybody, including Trump, but according to these witnesses, there are also open areas for people to protest near the courthouse. It just doesn't seem like many people are in the mood to protest.

But like the l'il boy who cried wolf, as the mortified Trump gets more desperate in trying to save face, his ridiculous lies get more obvious. And as his sad show of support reveals, nobody cares.