Vintage Frazetta anti-smoking ad


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  1. wgmleslie says:


    Looking at the board, not the bird.

  2. action_ben says:

    @anonymous #9: Haaa ha ha ha!

  3. UncaScrooge says:

    Everyone here already knows that Frazetta cut his teeth working on Al Capp’s “Lil’ Abner” strip. Another reliable source of unrealistic women.

  4. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    No really, Anon9 wins the internet.

  5. Xopher says:

    Hey, the nonsmoking surfer is pretty godsdamned lickable, too. Those pecs are TDF, though he doesn’t appear to have any nipples. Frazetta clearly knew how to draw juicy boys, too.

    • arbitraryaardvark says:

      I wonder if we could get justin beiber to be the exsmoker in a live action psa version.
      Btw xopher I think i know you fromn wheaton’s soapbox.

  6. Razzabeth says:

    Now, smoking 20 cigarettes a day will cost you $2,098.75. And that’s just an average Camel Light price. Nat Shermans will cost you $2,901.75

  7. nehpetsE says:

    “mean hunk of wood” huhuhuhuuuuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhu

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think that it was very progressive for the non-smoking surfer to be so comfortable having two gay friends.

  9. dougrogers says:

    “I never get winded now!”

  10. belldl says:

    There’s a Frazetta documentary, a few years old, where (and I’m surely paraphrasing) in response to a question, Mr. Frazetta seemingly obliviously asks, “All my women don’t have big butts. . .do they?”

  11. frankieboy says:

    love it. Smokes were thirty-five cents a pack then, I think they’re gone up a bit! Ya’ winded hodad!

  12. nutbastard says:

    see, that’s really the wrong message to be sending.

    the guy quit smoking and used the money he saved to buy a surf board. what he should have done is work harder and make more money so that he could afford both. in any case, once you have the surf board, you can go back to smoking right away – it’s not as if you have to keep rebuying the surf board every day. And you’ll save some money anyways, since it’s really hard to smoke while surfing. Also, the chick – obviously she doesn’t smoke. And we all know the old adage, ‘if she smokes, she pokes’. That guy is running off with a total tease, guaranteed. Which is just as well, since he doesn’t have anything to puff on afterward anyways.

    • BadIdeaSociety says:

      Yeah, but what self-respecting heterosexual boarding fanatic would refuse to spend time with a beautiful woman who loves boarding? I have never been able to buy into the idea that spending time with an attractive, friendly member of the opposite sex (or one’s preferred sex) who — as an added bonus — is interested in the same thing as you, is a problem.

  13. MrsBug says:

    Dang, baby got back!

  14. Sekino says:

    Frazetta’s women don’t have big butts; they have butts. And life-bearing hips. And thighs.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’d do well to stop staring longingly at her impossible waist to hip rati–NOT NOW DAD! DON’T YOU EVER KNOCK?!

  16. bobrk says:

    What’s the date on that bad boy? It’s cool!

  17. geekd says:

    Frazetta has ruined me for “normal” women. Sigh.

  18. Anonymous says:

    He keeps misspelling ‘broad’.

  19. SamSam says:

    That girl has clearly been ‘shopped. Was Ralph Lauren involved in any of this? Dude, her pelvis is waaay bigger than her head!

  20. defacebook says:

    Frazetta’s women are always bootilicious (he is to booty, what Russ Meyer is to busty). That may not be everyone’s taste, but I wouldn’t kick them out of bed!

  21. slywy says:

    She has thighs. One of her thighs alone could be an entire Ralph Lauren model.

  22. greengestalt says:

    Can’t believe anybody is going nuts over Frazetta’s women. None of them would ‘make it’ as a ‘model’ because they are too “Fat”. Real life “Models” make me think the stories that all male fashion designers are gay (even if married and have kids) and they make women thin as 14 year old runaway boys just off the bus.

    I like this ad for this reason:

    Fraz is “Old School” in a way I relate to, and don’t hate or consider it “FlahgandBibble Beaten” fake “Old School”

    He showed, without being preachy, it’s a “Trade-off” in life. What you want, what you work for, what you need, what you enjoy. He made the simplest argument to stop smoking; “Besides the possible health dangers, it is deceptively VERY expensive and wouldn’t you rather have money versus wasting it on an addiction?” And to others talking about this, well if they worked ‘harder’ for more money, that means they’d work LONGER and have little or no time for surfing during the day.

    • Xopher says:

      Real life “Models” make me think the stories that all male fashion designers are gay (even if married and have kids) and they make women thin as 14 year old runaway boys just off the bus.

      While I agree with much of the rest of your comment, the implication of this part (that gay men are all predatory ephebophiles) is reprehensible, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  23. bbonyx says:

    In Painting With Fire, FF discusses and happily embraces his love for women (real and drawn) with “big asses”.

    And I love him for it.

  24. ackpht says:

    I can’t wait to call somebody a “boardless hodad”.

    And MrsBug is absolutely correct.

  25. Bender says:

    I love how you can tell which character he spent the most time working on. I bet he spent half of his drawing time on that second frame.

  26. sujal says:


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